“HELP!! These ugly trolls have stolen our most valuable works of art. Admittedly, they are pretty weird works of art, but still. You must take out all the Trolls guards and whatever you do, DON'T hit any of the paintings! Frankly, I'd stay away from the vases too but DEFINITELY NOT the paintings!”

You Break It, You Buy It! is a Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders: Giants. It is unlocked by Double Trouble in Spyro's Adventure. It uses the map of the Battlefield and requires all 40 Troll enemies to be defeated in under three minutes. This Heroic Challenge is noted in-game for its very hard difficulty.

All of the Troll enemies are located in set places throughout the map. The Skylander must be used carefully to not destroy any paintings and to destroy as few vases as possible. Each vase destroyed removes five seconds from the timer - a devastating amount of time when destroyed in groups. When one painting is destroyed, the Skylander is given a harsh warning from Cali to not destroy another painting. If the Skylander destroys a second painting, the Challenge is lost immediately.

Skylanders must be extremely careful to not destroy vases or paintings in the process of defeating Trolls; they must be most careful around Troll Grenadiers that are directly in front of paintings. Ranged shots must be used wisely, as some aimed projectiles may target vases and paintings instead of Trolls. Exploding attacks and attacks with a very large hit radius must be used as less as possible, if at all. Helpers should not be used at all if possible, as they are not controllable and may lead to unwanted destruction of vases or paintings. It should also be noted that retaliation upgrades (i.e. Stump Smash's Thornbark or Voodood's Electric Feedback) are sometimes triggered by food items, and they will destroy vases and paintings if the Skylander is too close.


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