“Can you believe it? Thieves have stolen a famous collection of jewel hearts made of gold, diamonds, and golden diamonds. Please track down and catch each one of these little creeps so we can return the hearts to their rightful owner.”

You've Stolen My Hearts! is a Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure that is unlocked by Zook. It uses a map similar in design to Leviathan Lagoon and requires all four jeweled hearts to be collected in four minutes and thirty seconds.

The first three jeweled hearts are held by Hob ‘N’ Yaros. The first Hob ‘N’ Yaro runs to the opposite end of the starting island and closes a gate behind it; all Blastaneers on the island must be defeated to proceed. The Skylander may then chase down and defeat the Hob ‘N’ Yaro to collect the first jeweled heart. Moving the turtle in front of the Hob ‘N’ Yaro's path may be required.

The second Hob ‘N’ Yaro is atop a tall island. When the Skylander arrives there, a gate closes behind him or her and he or she is ambushed by Drow Spearmen. The gate opens when the Hob ‘N’ Yaro is defeated and the second jeweled heart is collected.

The third Hob ‘N’ Yaro is found in the seperate group of taller islands; a new gate opens to grant the Skylander access. The Hob ‘N’ Yaro runs around these islands to evade the Skylander, and Drow Spearmen occasionally ambush the Skylander. Another turtle may need to be moved to catch the Hob ‘N’ Yaro and collect the third jeweled heart.

The fourth and final jeweled heart appears to be left untouched on the last island; however, a gate blocks the Skylander's way, and multiple enemies must be defeated to open it. Once the gate is opened and the Skylander approaches the jeweled heart, a Hob ‘N’ Yaro appears and steals it just before the Skylander can take it. This leads to a final chase around the island, in which the Hob ‘N’ Yaro runs off of a small cliff and up a ramp, or in the opposite direction with a Bounce Pad; there are no turtles in this section, so the easiest method of catching this Hob ‘N’ Yaro is by attacking them while they are occupying the Bounce Pad. Once the Hob ‘N’ Yaro is defeated, the final jeweled heart may be collected to complete the Challenge.



  • The Blade Witches in this Challenge are unique from those in the rest of the game. This Blade Witch variant manipulates a small red jeweled heart. Before she throws her blades, she moves her heart to a new location, then moves to the heart herself. The heart can be attacked; if the heart is destroyed, its owner is automatically defeated.
  • The first Hob ‘N’ Yaro can take damage before it closes the gate behind it, but it is impossible to defeat it until the gate is opened again.

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