“Now entering the arena, a creature so terrifying that looking at it directly could melt your brains! The towering titan of tussel and teeth, the wreck-tacular: WRECK O' SAURUS!!”

Wreck O' Saurus is a dinosaur-themed vehicle that appears in Skylanders: SuperChargers and is the third and final boss of Ridepocalypse Demo Derby; the sixth major boss and overall the twelfth (sixteenth if counting the optional bosses) boss fight of the game.


Wreck O' Saurus is Skylanders' third and final opponent in the Ridepocalypse Demo Derby, with the ability to shoot streams of fire, missiles that stick to the ground, and create shields that can only be avoided from the back, it was a force to be reckon with, but the Skylanders were able to defeat Wreck O' Saurus and become the champion and free Glumshanks.

Boss Battle

As the final opponent, Wreck O' Saurus is one of the strongest racers in Ridepocalypse, in this boss battle Wreck O' Saurus will first attempt to ram the Skylander, it will then launch out missiles from its back that will rain down and slam on the ground, they will explode a few seconds later or if the Skylander makes direct contact with it, Wreck O' Saurus can also launch out a five-way flame blast from the flamethrowers attached on the sides of the head, after losing nearly one-thirds of its health, it will drive up to a rail way and create shields to block the Skylander's attacks, while in this configuration, Wreak O' Saurus will fire missiles and launch out its fave-way flame blast, thew only way to get destroy its shield is by driving up a rail-way and ramming Wreak O' Saurus in the back, this will stun Wreak O' Saurus for a while, allowing the Skylanders to get free hits.


  • Wreck O' Saurus' design seems to be a a mixture of Styracosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Velociraptor.
  • The way Wreck O' Saurus charges up for it's ram attack is similar to the way Evil Glumshanks charges up for his ram attack.

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