The Winter Keep is the eleventh chapter of Skylanders: Swap Force. Here the Skylanders help the Frost Elves in a massive snowball fight against the hostile forces that are trying to take over the keep.


Years ago, the Winter Keep fell under a curse that made it midnight for all eternity. Luckily the Air Skylander, Whirlwind, came to the rescue and enchanted a magic horn called the Illuminator, which granted eternal daylight to the Elves. This not only helped break the curse, but also protected the Keep and gave the elves courage during their fight against potential attacks. Of course, now the Elves never know when it's time for bed.


  • Clear Out the South Wall
  • Thaw the Furnace
  • Defend the North Wall
  • Destroy the Blizzard Ballers
  • Take Back the Tower

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • The Blizzard Bridges
  • The Blue Ice Battlements
    • Element: None
      • The Flame Steppes
        • Element: Fire
  • Aurora Rails
  • The Snow Shovel in the Stone
  • Hidden Vault
  • The Frozen Vault
    • Element: Water
  • The Secret Keep
    • Element: Water
      • Awestruck Orbits
        • Element: Undead
  • Northern Lights
  • Frost Furnace
  • Hibernal Harbor
    • Sky Meadows
      • Element: Air/Life
  • Diamond Docks
  • Kaleidoscopic Kiln
  • Prism Tower
    • Element: Earth

SWAP Zones

  • Frozen Top
    • SWAP ability: Spin
  • Wind Whipped!
    • SWAP ability: Speed
  • Flash Frost
    • SWAP ability: Teleport

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Expensive Souvenir
  • Elven Arrow

Bonus Mission Map

  • Ghost Traps

Soul Gems


  • Crown of Frost
  • Ski Cap

Story Scroll

  • Whirlwind's Gift



  • The running gag in Winter Keep is that whenever a new enemy is introduced, they are always pelted with snowballs.
  • This is the first Chapter in which a Skylander plays a role in the story.
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