A Winged Sapphire

Winged Sapphires are a special kind of gem in the console versions of the Skylanders series. They are depicted as blue gems with butterfly wings you find scattered around. For each Winged Sapphire, Persephone or Tuk gives you a 2% off discount on her prices of your Skylanders' upgrades or accessories. By collecting them all, you will end up with a 20% discount on all upgrades.

Winged Sapphires can also be found in most of the games. In Giants, collecting all of them will give you a 40% discount. Unlike Spyro's Adventure, Winged Sapphires can be found in each of the 16 chapters in the game,as well as on the Dread-Yacht; in following games, they can be found only in chapters or places that grant random collectibles.

They can't be found in Adventure Pack chapters in Spyro's Adventure and Giants.

In Skylanders: Battlecast, it is a relic known as the Crystal of Clarity, reducing the crystal cost of spells instead.


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

  1. Next to Persephone after clearing Stormy Stronghold.
  2. On path towards the beach after Leviathan Lagoon.
  3. Oil the metal man on the beach and go into the door next to it.
  4. Use a Water Skylander or any Skylander who can cross water to reach the bounce pads on the eastern side of the beach.
  5. Hit the rock next to Hugo and Arbo after Treetop Terrace.
  6. Behind the entrance to the tracks after Creepy Citadel.
  7. Toss a bomb at the rock covered door at the train station and go in there.
  8. Toss a bomb at the geyser at the train station and go in there.
  9. Oil the train engine.
  10. Behind the locked door near the docks after Arkeyan Armory.

Skylanders: Giants

  1. Use a Giant to destroy the gate at the beginning of Time of the Giants.
  2. In Junkyard Isles, Persephone will talk to you about Winged Sapphires. Simply pick up the Winged Sapphire that she shows you.
  3. In Rumbletown, find Shadow Grove. Navigate through the series of secret paths and stone blocks. Find the lock puzzle and solve it.
  4. In the Crow's Nest, on Captain Flynn's ship.
  5. Next to Chance's House (Cutthroat Carnival)
  6. In the Glacier Gully, you go to the left of the fire zone, defeat the enemies, jump upto the frozen craters, go right, and finally go to the other end of that cater and fall on to the ledge below.
  7. In the Tech Gate (Chapter 6)
  8. After entering Wilikin World, go in the bandstand. Collect the Sapphire.
  9. After you complete a number of chapters, go next to Dreadbeard in the Game Room for a Sapphire.

Skyanders: Swap Force

  1. Defeat 50 bombers in the Air gate elementals.
  2. Go to Boulder Gully in the Earth/Tech gate elementals.
  3. Defeat the enemies in the Water/Undead gate elementals.
  4. Go to the Hidden Temple in the Water elemental gate.
  5. Complete the Dig Swap Zone in Iron Jaw Gulch.
  6. Complete the Speed Swap Zone in Motleyville.
  7. Complete the Spin Swap Zone in Twisty Tunnels.
  8. Go to the Granite Wing in the Earth elemental gate.
  9. Go to Awestruck Orbits in the Undead elemental gate.
  10. Defeat 50 balloons in the Magic elemental gate.
  11. Go to Shadow Path in the Undead elemental gate.
  12. Go to Dumping Grounds in the Earth elemental gate.
  13. Complete the Dig and Spin Swap Zones.
  14. Complete the Rocket Swap Zone in Sheep Wreck Island, and go to Temple of Wool.
  15. Up there by the fireworks.
  16. In Woodburrow, Tuk gives you a reward.

Skylanders: Trap Team

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