“Enchanted boots grant you great speed!”

The Winged Boots is a magic item that comes with the Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack. When placed on the Portal of Power in the console versions, the boots give the Skylander a speed boost for as long as it is on the Portal and as it is active.

Regardless of the Skylander on the Portal and its current Speed stat value, the Winged Boots enhance the running speed of the Skylander significantly. However, moves and abilities that cause the Skylander to move at a set speed when used will not be affected by this boost (i.e. Sunburn's Phoenix Dash or Cynder's Shadow Dash). In addition, when the effects of the Winged Boots wear off, the current speed of the Skylander reverts back to its regular running speed - even if the Skylander is using a move or ability with a different set movement speed; for example, if the Winged Boots wear off while Flameslinger is using his Flame Dash, the speed at which Flameslinger moves during the dash will become that of his regular running speed (which is significantly slower).



  • In the vehicle portions of Skylanders: SuperChargers' story mode and in its Racing levels, the Winged Boots appear as a powerup that can be picked up by the Skylander while driving. When picked up, it gives the racer a quick, temporary speed boost.
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