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Wind-Up is a first-year Skylander cadet in Skylanders Academy.



Wind-Up is easily impressed by feats from the Academy staff and older students, and easily distracted along with his fellow cadets Hex and Roller Brawl. He is unaware of his unique characteristic as of Season 1, mistakenly thinking it depends on the time he can stay wound up.


Wind-Up can attack with his sharp, spinning pincers. Though he mentions the duration of his winding up function, it is unknown if it's a form of attack like in the games.


Season 1

Wind-Up is seen in classes or playing with Hex and Roller Brawl at various points of the season.

In Beard Science, the three are taking a grooming class with Master Eon, until they are interrupted by Broccoli Guy 's attempt to infiltrate the main classroom. Later on, they repeatedly notice Master Eon while attempting to discover their abilities, but are too distracted by their hijinks and his lack of influence to pay attention.

In Assault on Skylander Academy, Wind-Up drives away the Doom Raiders along with fellow cadets and veteran Skylanders. However, he is defeated despite leading an attack with Food Fight and Trigger Happy against an empowered Kaos, being incapacitated and hypnotized by Wolfgang.

Season 2

S2E6 Cadets Eruptor 2
In Spyromania, Spyro interrupted Jet-Vac's class and attempted to get all of the cadets include Wind-Up to recklessly attack him all at once to unlock the dragon's superpower. Fortunately they were stopped by Master Eon and Spyro was reported to the headmaster's office for his actions.

Food Fight was one of the Skylander cadets brainwashed by Hex's dark magic in Split Decision.

In Belly of the Beast, Wind-Up and the other cadets were paired with senior advisors from Team Spyro, with Wind-Up pairing up with Pop Fizz. Cy soon came in with urgent news of the villain Fire Viper holding King Pen hostage at Arctic Isle, and Team Spyro and the cadets were tasked with rescuing him. While in the process of discussing the battle plan, the cadets didn't show any interest in Cy, showing hints of disliking him. During the mission fighting Fire Viper, the plan went awry, ending with Team Spyro, Cy, and the cadets being eaten alive by Fire Viper. While Team Spyro went to search for a way out of the serpent's digestive tract, Wind-Up and the fustrated cadets began to blame Cy for their predicament, but they were reprimanded for their behavior by Bad Breath.

When Team Spyro returned, the cadets expressed their jealousy of Cy's easy ascension to Skylander status to their senior advisors. Spyro shared his experience of earning his Skylander status, and along with Stealth Elf, encouraged the cadets to give Cy and Bad Breath a chance to prove themselves. After escaping from Fire Viper's stomach, the cadets worked together with Bad Breath and Cy to defeat the villain, apologizing for doubting Cy and finally acknowledging him as an official Skylander.

Season 3

In The Truth is in Here, Wind-Up was among the victims who were affected by Dark Spyro's brainwashing program that forcefully causes the victim to keep telling the truth, which eventually erupted into discord around the Academy. When the affected inhabitants directed their anger towards Dark Spyro, he instinctively released a surge of lightning that cured everyone from the brainwashing.


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  • Despite being a robot, Wind-Up reacts to the spicy chilli in Anger Mismanagement the same way as his organic friends, rather than being damaged or having worse effects on his casing.
  • According to himself in Beard Science, he can go 48 hours on a single wind-up.


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