“A pack of foul villains have invaded our dig-site, and are making off with our rare finds!”

Willowbark is a British-accented Treeman who appears in various missions throughout Skylanders: Swap Force. He is the most excitable and skittish archaeologist in Skylands. After years of studying, he discovered a secret technique that maximizes the effectiveness of Kingdom decorations. In his spare time, Willowbark stays busy by volunteering as the local Fire Chief.[1]

He was first encountered in Rampant Ruins as an archaeologist, explaining to the Skylander that a certain villain had made off with his group's rare finds and was using Petrified Darkness to evilize local Sugarbats. He appeared again in Fantasm Forest where it was revealed that he is the Chief of the Volunteer Fire Brigade. To assist, the Skylanders help him put out the fires throughout the villages of Fantasm Forest, as well as those on the Gillmen Airships.


  • His British accent and red mustache make him resemble Nigel Thornberry from the Wild Thornberrys.
  • His species is quite similar to that of Stump Smash and Tree Rex, as they are all tree creatures.


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