Wilikin Workshop is the eleventh chapter in Skylanders: Trap Team. It was originally Kaos's old Wilikin workshop, but fell under the control of Dr. Krankcase.


  • Defeat Dr. Krankcase

Element Gates

Areas to Find

  • Wilikin Workers Town
  • Wilikin Band Cafe
  • Spool Storage Shack
  • Wilikin Break Room
  • Railcar Repair Station
    • Toy Returns
      • Element: Undead
  • Railcar Gauntlet
  • Railcar Arena
    • Element: Fire
  • Big Train Loading Area
  • End of the Line
    • Safe Toy Disposal
      • Element: Magic
  • Sneaky Pete's Saloon
  • The Old Mill
  • Rochester's House
  • The Factory
  • Smashing Area
    • Element: Tech
  • Crane Loading and Docking
    • Element: Tech
  • Path to Dr. Krankcase

New Enemies

Wanted Villains

Villain Element
Scrap Shooter Villain Icon.png Scrap Shooter Fire
Dr. Krankcase Villain Icon.png Dr. Krankcase Tech

Legendary Treasure

  • Legendary Masterpieces

Villain Quests

Soul Gems


  • Clown Bowler Hat
  • Lil' Elf Hat


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