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Wilikin Village is one of the levels in Skylanders: Giants. It is the home of the Wilikin.


The Wilikins originally lived with Kaos, who the dolls still remember fondly of. The Wilikin were Kaos's toys when he was young. He didn't know he was a Portal Master back then, and was shocked to discover he could bring Wilikin to life. Shocked, and a bit fearful of what his mother would say if she knew he had these powers (she often blamed Portal Masters for the problems in Skylands), he thought it'd best to keep the Wilikin secret. He began building a device that would return the Wilikin to their inanimate toy state whenever mother visited his room. Only problem was that these devices caused other things in the world to shift too, not just the Wilikin.

During one of these shifts, Kaos's mom noticed that the radishes she was boiling for dinner suddenly became bombs. Shortly after that, she learned of the Wilikins and her son's Portal Master powers. She wasn't too happy, but agreed to let Kaos keep his Wilikin friends on the condition that he get rid of those crazy switchers. Thus, he dumped a bunch of them on a remote island that would later became Wilikin Village.[1]


  • Enter Wilikin World
  • Clear out all the Monsters
  • Beat the Chompy Mage

Elemental Gates

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Eagle Engine

Soul Gem


  • Toy Soldier Hat
  • Fishing Hat

Story Scrolls

  • Sky Pirates


  • The concept of switching between two worlds to solve puzzles is also seen in Darklight Crypt, one of the Adventure Pack levels.
  • This is the only level in the game in which Root Runners actually move, although this only happens in the real world.
  • Chompies are regular in Wilkin World but Enfuego in the real world.
    • Bark Demons are cardboard trees in Wilikin World, while Root Runners are stumps being used as flower pots in the real world.
      • Mace Majors and Grenade Generals are also cardboard, this time in the real world.
  • If you look at the island when you face the Chompy Mage, the island looks like a Hidden Mickey, a popular search item by Disney.
  • Shroomboom is able to use his Self-Slingshot to launch himself through the first key gate. It usually takes two launches to get all the way though, but it is possible to pass through entirely with a single launch. Using this trick, a key can be carried to the final key gate to make the final enemy battle trivial.[2]
    • Similarly, Shroomboom can also save time by launching himself over the fence in Planer Plateau. This skips the loading zone for the rising and lowering boxes, causing them to not appear. A better placed launch can also skip the battle with the Troll enemies in that area.
  • There is a picture of Tree Rex on one of the houses.


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