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The Wilikin are a race of wooden, mannequin-like people in the Skylanders series. They were first mentioned in the novel, The Machine of Doom, and made their debut in Skylanders: Giants.

A group of Non-Elemental Evilikins has also reclaimed their name of Wilikin in the Meditating Woodland, one of the most peaceful places in all Skylands, to commune with their ancestral trees and the good Buzzer Beaks that live on it.



The Wilikin were originally Kaos's toys when he was a young boy. Unaware of being a Portal Master, Kaos brought the Wilikin to life and played with them happily. However, Kaos left one day, abandoning his royal name, and soon the rest of his family left. While some of the Wilikin remained, others left Kaos' Kastle and had built their own village close to the Troll Home Security. The Wilikin still remember Kaos fondly, referring to him as the 'Maker'.

Skylanders: Giants

The Wilikin soon met the Skylanders when the Dread-Yacht was attacked by an Arkeyan Copter, forcing them to land outside of the village. After defeating a group of enemies, the Wilikin offered to help the Skylanders fix the ship and were able to commit the deed once the heroes defeated the troublesome Chompy Mage. One of the younger ones, Seraphina, stowed away on the ship and followed them on their journey.

Skylanders: Trap Team

The Wilikin at the Wilikin Workshop had their island taken over by Dr. Krankcase (whose Evilikins were the inspiration for Kaos' Wilikin), and were freed once the villain was defeated. Other Wilikin also offer Villain Quests in several levels.

Notable Wilikins

Man Wilikin

Female Wilikin

Boy Wilikin

Girl Wilikins

Baby Wilikins


  • According to The Machine of Doom, the Wilikin were created by Kaos to serve as his friends (besides Glumshanks) after he abandoned his royal name. Unfortunately, due to Kaos's bad smells and unappealing looks, the Wilikin couldn't bear to be around him and detected their creator's scent, running off to become servants of Kaos's royal family. However, as of Trap Team, this might not be canon as they don't appear to be bothered by Kaos' presence.
  • When talked to, they call the Skylander "FRIEND" in capital letters.
  • They are quite good at making guns, and they also are capable of creating large secret passages.
  • According to Seraphina, the Wilikin's "sleeping" state in the real world is a joke they like to play. This may be a possible reference to the Toy Story franchise of which the Skylanders story writers Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen had previously done work on.
  • The sounds of buzzsaws are apparently a good tune to the Wilikin.
  • Speaking to Seraphina several times has her mention Kaos' Mother and that, though she doesn't like them, the Wilikin have a surprise for her. It is never clear if it's an attempt at reconciliation or a threat, as she's sealed away before their next appearance.
  • Krankenstein's Evolved appearance resembles the adult male Wilikins' clothing.
  • Though only a handful of Wilikin are important characters, they have the most named NPCs out of any species, with Mabu having more characters, but less named ones.


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