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“The Roar of Thunder!”
    —Wild Storm's official catchphrase

Wild Storm is an Air elemental Sensei of the Knight Battle Class. He is included in the Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack.


Physical traits

Wild Storm is a masked swordsman of unknown species. He has ivory horns pointing sideways, on the sides of his head. His mask possesses the Air Element's emblem on his mask's "forehead", between its metal eyes. His glowing white eyes are the only visible part of his face inside the mask. The armor covering his torso, arms and legs are black, with some golden decorations on his chest's armor. He wears pentagonal steel tassets, gauntlets and clawed boots, and his limbs are additionally protected by the strapped blue guards with golden edges, each made of three pentagonal plates. There is also some sort of a short cape made of blue feathers on his upper back and shoulders. Wild Storm's sword is very decorative; it possesses golden feather decorations and the Air symbol engraved on the blade's base. The turquoise blade splits into two tips, with the gap between them.

In Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, in his Awakened form, Wild Storm's steel features on his mask change their color to gold with a small addition of a cross on the mask's top. His horns pointing up gain steel rings. He wears blue-gold gauntlets with steel parts in the shape of claws covering his fingers, and spiked boots of the same color. Neither have strapped guards. Also, his tassets are shield-shaped, turn blue, and, which also applies to his gauntlets and boots, gain spikes. He loses his feather cape, and his sword's blade gets the shape similar to the fish's body.


By the time he was 10 years old, Wild Storm had already mastered the Air Blade. With no family of his own, he spent much of his youth traveling throughout Skylands, offering his combat services to the highest bidder as a soldier of fortune. On one such occasion, he was hired by Kaos to break into a pirate outpost in Skyhighlands to steal their legendary gold detector. But little did Wild Storm know, he was only being used by Kaos to scout their defenses – and he was captured by the pirates! While imprisoned in the highest tower, the powerful winds blew through his cell, fueling his anger. But Wild Storm would not be contained! Harnessing the storm’s energy, he grew 3 times his size and exploded out of his prison – vowing to put a stop to Kaos once and for all. Soon after, he met Master Eon, who agreed to help him, provided Wild Storm would share his skills in swordsmanship with other Skylanders, as a Sensei of the Knight Class!


Wild Storm can use his blade both for melee attacks and throwing bolts of lightning. He is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, using headbutts and a beast form to overpower foes close by. He can also create an uproar and breathe clouds into the battlefield, that can be electrified by his blade's lightning.


These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in the Skylanders games.

  • Health: 310 (max. 620)
  • Speed: (max. 48)
  • Armor: (max. 30)
  • Critical Hit: (max. 50)
  • Elemental Power: (max. 50)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 230
  • Defense: 300
  • Agility: 320
  • Luck: 100


Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Sensei Air Realm
Sky-Chi Ability
Requires unlocking from the
Knight Sensei Shrine
Storm Strike Lightning Bolt
Release the Beast
Unchained Lightning
Wild Stormprimarypower.png
Primary Ability
Pressing Attack 1 continuously will trigger a four combo attack ending with a smashing headbutt.
Wild Stormsecondarypower.png
Secondary Ability
Press Attack 2 to create a lightning bolt from your sword.
Wild Stormsoulgempower.png
Price: 4000
Jump and press Attack 3 to transform into a wild beast. Press Attack 1 and Attack 2 to attack or Attack 3 to transform back to normal.
View Sky-Chi
Wild Stormskychipower.png
Hold Special Attack to generate a destructive lightning storm with your sword! Run around to move the storm anywhere you wander.
View Soul Gem
Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.
Use Your Head! Uproar Thunderstorms Uproar Galore
Wild Stormbasicupgrade1.png
Price: 500
Headbutt attacks now do more damage. That's using your head!
Wild Stormbasicupgrade2.png
Price: 700
Hold Attack 3 to push enemies away with a windy cloudy roar.
Wild Stormbasicupgrade3.png
Price: 900
After roaring, shoot your Lightning Bolt attack into any remaining clouds to create a destructive thunderstorm.
Wild Stormbasicupgrade4.png
Price: 1200
Your Uproar attack now covers a larger area. Enemies caught in the wind or clouds will be slowed down.
Feral Beast
View Wild Weather
Upgrade your inner beast with these wild primary upgrades.
Brute Edge Untamed Air Running Wild
Wild Stormpath1upgrade1.png
Price: 1700
This new sword specializes and increases damage to any sword strike attacks.
Wild Stormpath1upgrade2.png
Price: 2200
Using the Storm Strike attack in mid-air now causes bursts of air to knock enemies back.
Wild Stormpath1upgrade3.png
Price: 3000
Hold Attack 1 during your headbutt attack to dash further. You can steer your headbutt around to go after certain enemies.
Wild Weather
View Feral Beast
Harness the power of lightning by upgrading your secondary attacks with this path.
Cut Loose Chain Lighting Electrical Storm
Wild Stormpath2upgrade1.png
Price: 1700
This new sword specializes and increases damage to any Lightning Bolt attacks.
Wild Stormpath2upgrade2.png
Price: 2200
Pressing Attack 2 will now split your Lightning Bolt attack into three bolts.
Wild Stormpath2upgrade3.png
Price: 3000
Hold Attack 2 to charge your Lightning Bolt attack. Release to fire a giant electrical storm.

Wild Stormheroability1.png

Storm Attack (Active)

1 enemy
Inflicts 78% of ATK as damage to 1 enemy, and grants the Evasion Rate DOWN 20% Effect for 3 turn(s) with a 45% chance when you attack accurately. Able to put the enemy in Knockdown Status.

Mana cost: 3
Cooldown: 2 seconds

Wild Stormheroability2.png

Lightning Wound! (Active)

1 enemy
Inflicts 112% of ATK as damage to 1 enemy, and grants the Electric Shock Effect on yourself and on the target for 2 turn(s) with a 75% chance.

Mana cost: 2
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Wild Stormheroability3.png

Freed Animal (Active)

Grants the Transform Effect on yourself for 3 turn(s), and grants the Electric Shock Effect on all enemies for 2 turn(s) with a 40% chance.

Mana cost: 6
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Wild Stormheroability4.png

Thunder and Lightning Ruler (Passive)

Grants the Transform Effect and the ATK UP 5% Effect on yourself for 2 turn(s) each if a team member falls into the Break Status or Knockdown Status. Additionally, inflicts 60% of ATK as damage to all enemies instantly and silences them if the Transform Effect is granted on yourself.

Mana cost:

Wild Stormheroability5.png

Never Miss! (Passive)

Grants the Accuracy UP 10% Effect on yourself for 2 turn(s). Additionally, increases your Effect Accuracy by 10% in battle.

Mana cost:


Battle Cries

  • "The Roar of Thunder!"
  • "Your power is great, Portal Master, but together, we can make your Imaginators stronger than ever." - Sensei Training Bonus
  • "And I can show a Secret Technique to a Knight that will blow you away." - Secret Technique Bonus
  • "Gong with the wind!" - Ringing a Battle Gong
  • "The power is strong in this one." - checking stats
  • "My skills are complete, but I'm always looking to improve."
  • "There is no escape!" - before a battle
  • "Time to meet your destiny."
  • "I shall put an end to this conflict!"
  • "The blade is strong!"
  • "Dust in the wind, they are." - after a battle
  • "All too easy."
  • "Rise!" - when using Bounce Pads
  • "Only just getting started, I am."
  • "Out of thin air!" - When using Sky-Chi power
  • "Are you blown away yet?" - After Sky-chi power
  • "My power grows stronger still." - when leveled up
  • "I have become more powerful than ever."
  • "The wind is at my back, always."
  • "Right on!"
  • "Throw caution to the wind."
  • "Lightning slash!"


Wild Storm/Gallery


  • During a Grind Challenge, Wild Storm runs on all fours like a quadrupedal animal instead of on his two feet.
  • While Wild Storm's face is never truly seen, the shape of his mask and his thick mane of blue fur give his head the appearance of the horned lion's.
    • Wild Storm's mask is also animate; its "mouth" narrows and widens as he breathes. One could say he breathes through his mask's hole.
    • During his Uproar or his beast form, his white glowing eyes inside the mask disappear. Instead, the metal ones on its "forehead" glow temporarily, until he stops roaring or returns to his normal form.
  • One of his quotes, "The power is strong with this one" is a reference to the popular Star Wars franchise quote, "The Force is strong with this one", used by several characters.
    • Coincidentally, a number of Wild Storm's quotes happen to follow the object-subject-verb pattern, a pattern that Master Yoda, one of the most prominent figures of the Star Wars franchise, uses very often when speaking.
  • Wild Storm shares some similarities with Wildfire. Both have the word "Wild" in their name, both have many lion-like features, both can channel their element through roaring, and both are traditionally bipedal but move around on all-fours in certain circumstances. They also both have a Soul Gem with a new form.
    • Wild Storm also shares some similarities with Pop Fizz, most notably they are blue-furred creatures that can transform into a more beastly and aggressive version of themselves.
      • Coincidentally, in Ring of Heroes, both Wild Storm and Pop Fizz have two different ability sets. One during their normal selves and another when transformed into their beast modes.
    • He shares the same voice actor as Slobber Tooth, Thunderbolt, and Bob, Dave Fennoy.
  • Wild Storm bears multiple similarities to Tetrax Shard from the Ben 10 series.
    • Both are voiced by Dave Fennoy.
    • They both mentor younger heroes.
    • Both have pasts as soldiers of fortune or mercenaries, but stopped doing so after the main villains of their series (Kaos and Vilgax, respectively), hired them but then betrayed them.
  • He is the only Air Sensei without an alt deco.
  • According to his voice actor, Keston John, Wildstorm was called "Atmosfear" during development.[1]


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