Who's Your Daddy? is the tenth episode of Skylanders Academy Season 2.


When one of Jet-Vac's eggs hatches, he must try to be a good father to the baby inside. Kaos and Glumshanks believe they might be father and son.


Spyro is looking for more books about dragons in the library and expresses his distrust towards Eon to Stealth Elf, Eruptor and Pop Fizz. Jet-Vac calls Team Spyro into action after discovering Chompy Mage's plot to gather an army of chompies for a future assault. They engage the army at the Falling Forests but are overwhelmed by their sheer numbers that it causes Jet-Vac to lay an egg out of fear. When Chompy Mage insults his embarrassment, Jet Vac hardens himself and manages to repulse the chompies, leading to Chompy Mage's capture. Jet-Vac quietly tries to retrieve the egg but the Skylanders and Chompy Mage notices his odd action.

After seeing Jet-Vac embarrassed, Spyro checks up on him and discovers that his room houses a large collection of eggs he produced during his heroic engagements as reminders of all the times he displayed cowardice. Jet-Vac's confidence as a good leader of the team begins to waiver as his collection grows and is ashamed of disappointing his hardened militaristic father. Spyro informs the team of Jet-Vac's condition, and asks each one to show more admiration and respect to his leadership in order to revive his confidence. Throughout the day, the Skylanders annoy Jet-Vac by praising him with every minuscule advice or solution he offers. Jet-Vac finally has them stop, stating that none of their efforts has made him lose his belief that he's an unfit leader. Suddenly, the latest egg he placed on his collection cracks, and an infant hatches, recognizing Jet-Vac as his parent.

The Skylanders are still clueless of how Jet-Vac is able to conceive the baby, but the Sky Baron sees the creature as an opportunity to overcome his fears since the baby is the living embodiment of all his fears, so he decides to take care of him. Jet-Vac tries to find books about parenting but the baby suddenly vomits on him. He asks Master Eon to hold him momentarily to wash up. The baby then becomes aggressive and brutally uses Eon's beard to suffocate him. At the team's home, he tasks Pop Fizz to look after the sleeping child while looking for a baby bottle. The baby wakes up and attacks Pop Fizz in the face. Jet Vac takes a walk while the baby is strapped behind, the baby then uses Jet-Vac's weapon to harass the other Skylanders following behind. Eruptor prepares to strike back but an oblivious Jet-Vac scolds him.

Meanwhile, Kaos is joyful for his mending relationship with her mother and plans to put more effort by finding a photo of Kaos and Kaossandra and hang it up on the castle walls to solidify Kaos's promise to never again sever their relationship after siding with the Doom Raiders. For hours, Kaos and Glumshanks have no luck to find any photo of Kaos with his mother. They do find interesting memorabilia such as Kaossandra and Golden Queen depicted in one photo fighting together. Glumshanks then finds a file that contains the identity of Kaos's father and both are horrified to learn that it claims Glumshanks to be Kaos's biological father.

At the library, Jet-Vac and Sprocket are busy assembling a crib while the baby continues to harass the Skylanders. When Jet-Vac inspects the baby, he refuses to acknowledge the baby to be a nuisance. The Skylanders finally decide to confront Jet-Vac about the baby. Returning home, Jet-Vac and the baby are summoned by Master Eon and the Skylanders. They try to convince Jet-Vac that the baby is evil after all of the cruel intentions he did, Jet-Vac justifies that the child is still clueless, but relents when his baby proves otherwise. Nonetheless, Jet-Vac is committed in raising his evil child and begins packing.

The discovery of Glumshanks to be his father has Kaos confused of how to act around him. Glumshanks proposes to start over by treating Kaos as his son. They spend the day bonding with each other happily. When they return to the castle to confront Kaossandra and asks her to join them as a whole family, convinced that Kaos's relationship with his father is complete. However, Kaossandra reveals that Glumshanks is not his father, explaining that she purposefully planted the fake file in the wake of Kaos deciding to know his father. Kaossandra believes that his father's identity remain a secret for reasons unknown and dismisses them when she retreats back to her Meditation Room. Instead of being put-off, Kaos is more convinced than ever to discover his true father.

As Jet-Vac prepares to leave for good, Greeble parents make a visit demanding their son to be returned, revealing that the baby is actually a Greeble. The Greebles return him the real egg he produced prior at the Falling Forests, meaning Jet-Vac mistakenly took theirs. Jet-Vac apologizes for apparently raising the child to be evil, but the Greeble parents are actually thankful as their son turned out to be more evil than they hoped. Jet Vac proudly expresses his joy for being a successful parent, finally proving something of great worth to his father. The Greebles take their child and leaves, with Jet-Vac saying goodbye though realizes he never gave a name to the young greeble. Regardless, Jet-Vac returns to his normal self with his usual routines as the team's leader.

Before doing his tasks, Eruptor asks Jet-Vac if he still wants to play catch with him. Jet-Vac accepts, plays with Eruptor outside, before happily returning home satisfied of how it turned out the way he imagined it to be.

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  • Kaos starts to look for information about his father.
  • Kaossandra and Golden Queen are revealed to have worked together at the time of the Great War.

Errors and Mistakes

  • In Kaossandra and Golden Queen's group picture, both of them are missing their material textures, having only flat colors and shading. This includes Kaossandra missing her makeup entirely.


  • The name of the episode comes from a video game with the same name. Like the game's second player, the baby Greeble is purposefully destructive.
  • The newspaper Jet-Vac was reading, Sky Times, is a reference to the American newspaper New York Times.
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