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Whitefall Summits is one of the areas in the 3DS Version of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Some of the enemies in Whitefall have cannons for arms and won't hesitate to use them on intruders. Hektore has disrupted the snow and ice throughout Whitefall, makng the lands treacherous.


Whitefall originally was a place of wonder and celebration. Every year, the Skylights festival is held at the very peak of Aurora Peak. The Radiance Crystals deep within Aurora Peak react with the atmosphere to create the wondrous skylights that appear annually.

However, Hektore arrived, and the Dark Mirror corrupted Whitefall, disrupting the snow and ice, and making the lands dangerous. The enemies living in Whitefall sworn themselves to Hektore and claimed all of Whitefall as their turf. Wendel mentioned that it will take a long time for Whitefall to recover from the Dark Mirror's effects, even if the mirror is destroyed.


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