Whiskers is Tessa's large bird companion and best friend in Skylanders: Swap Force. He serves as Tessa's main choice of transportation, a common thing shared by the inhabitants of Woodburrow who also use large birds like Whiskers to travel or carry and lift heavy cargo.


Although not much is known about his personality, Whiskers is loyal to Tessa, as the pair have been best friends since childhood. He possesses a sensitive side, as displayed when the bird was briefly taken aback after Flynn accused Whiskers of 'not flying straight' and when Flynn was happily thinking about the delicious chicken from Cap'n Cluck's King-Sized Chicken.


Skylanders: Swap Force

Whiskers helped take Tessa to where the Skylanders may be on Flynn's Ship after Woodburrow was attacked, but he was soon captured by the Greebles during the escape through Mount Cloudbreak. After being freed, and Woodburrow saved soon afterwards, the bird transported Tessa and Flynn to the first few areas of the Cloudbreak Islands.

Upon arriving in Motleyville, the group was ambushed and Whiskers became corrupted by a villain named Baron von Shellshock, much to Tessa's horror. The Skylander was forced to do battle with the evilized Whiskers until they were able to return him to normal, allowing Tessa to happily reunite with her companion. Afterwards, the Skylanders and Flynn used Sharpfin's ship to get their required destinations from here on out while Whiskers remained in Woodburrow.

The Kaos Trap

Whiskers attacking a Troll Bomber in The Kaos Trap

Tessa called upon Whiskers to help her get to the Dread-Yacht and land it safely at the Skylanders Academy. Whiskers would soon transport Tessa, Cali and Weeruptor in their mission to find Flynn and Chopper. When Flynn and Chopper were being attacked by Troll Bombers, Tessa used Whiskers to stop a Troll Bomber from blasting Flynn out of the sky.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Whiskers made a reappearance in Trap Team, retaining his role as Tessa's aerial transport. He greeted Flynn upon his arrival at the Phoenix Psanctuary, before carrying him and Tessa through the bird habitat. Throughout the story, Whiskers carried Tessa in times when aerial battles occur.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Whiskers transported Tessa to the Skylanders Academy after evacuating Woodburrow from the approaching Sky Eater. He would later act as a transport for Tessa and Flynn in few of the chapters.



Whiskers is close friends with Tessa. The duo became inseparable after Tessa saved Whiskers from a pack of Chompies when he was just a chick.[1]


Whiskers appears to not mind Flynn calling him a 'chicken'. However the large bird did take offense to Flynn's comment when the Mabu pilot accused Whiskers of 'not flying straight' if they were lost on their way to Iron Jaw Gulch. Whiskers was reassured by Tessa during Flynn's accusation. When Whiskers met up with Flynn again in Trap Team, he greeted the Mabu with a friendly screech and was happy to let Flynn ride him with Tessa.

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  • Despite his name, Whiskers doesn't have fur.
  • All the large yellow birds in Woodburrow share Whiskers' character design.
    • They bear a striking resemblance to Kazooie from the Banjo & Kazooie franchise.
      • Whiskers' appearance and use for transportation is very similar to the Crimson Loftwing from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
      • He also bears are resemblance to Sunburn, another Skylander who is half phoenix half dragon.


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