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Weekend at Eon's is the sixth episode of Skylanders Academy Season 3.


When Master Eon is knocked out by Food Fight, Jet-Vac and Spyro have to take over his body for a meeting with an important inspector.


Everyone from the Academy is gathered today waiting for Master Eon's arrival. Dark Spyro asks around and learns from Sprocket that the meeting is about the upcoming arrival of the inspector from Skylands council, who has the authority to shut down the Academy if they fail to pass. Afterwards, Dark Spyro flies around and seeks Food Fight to shoot a large tomato for his sandwich. Food Fight readies his aim, just as Master Eon is entering the scene, but Food Fight stumbles and fires his launcher that directly hits Master Eon and knocks him out. Everyone rushes to aid him but Eon falls unconscious.

Although Master Eon will recover, Sprocket informs them that Master Eon won't regain consciousness in time for the inspection, and with Kaossandra on leave, the Academy has no representative. Sprocket recalls her Power Transporter, a machine that will allow two persons to control Master Eon's bodily functions from the inside. Jet-Vac volunteers and partners with Dark Spyro, though he initially refuses. But when Dark Spyro realizes that they will be able to control his magic as well, he quickly agrees.

Meanwhile, Kaos continues to travel the Skylands with his pirate crew. Unfortunately, the Doom Raiders are beginning to doubt Kaos's credibility as their leader for failing to live up to his promise of pillaging scores of wealth for weeks now. During this, Kaos shortly notices that their pirate ship just hit something but is ignored by his crew as they threaten Kaos of being overthrown if he disappoints on their upcoming raid. When they begin their attack on a nearby village, the villagers show no resistance and gladly surrender all of their precious valuables. The villagers are even kind enough to load their entire wealth on board Kaos's ship. As a result, the Doom Raiders being to highly respect their captain. When they disembark, the pirate ship suddenly loses power. Kaos orders his crew to investigate the issue.

While Sprocket begins setting up the machine, Dark Spyro manages to sneak the Wumpan Puzzle Box inside Eon's clothing. Jet-Vac and Spyro take their position in the machine, with Eon on the other side. Sprocket activates it, and the two are transported inside Eon's body, though a bit cramped. Despite the success, Spyro and Jet-Vac find it difficult to control Eon's body properly but proceeds anyway as the inspector arrives. The inspection begins at one of the Academy's dormitories, the Skylanders' residence. While the inspector tallies his final scores on the house, Spyro meanwhile, tries to use Eon's telekinetic powers in attempt to open the puzzle box, but instead causes a frying pan to fly out and cause damage. Luckily, the inspector fails to notice. Afterwards, they head for the Academy's garden where Spyro uses Eon's energy blasts but fails to aim it properly at the box. Jet-Vac hurries him to control it but one blast splits the inspector's clipboard. After a long inspection, Eon takes the inspector to the Library as he begins to tally up the Academy's final score. The inspector informs them the Academy earned a score that narrowly passed their inspection, much to the inspector's disappointment and afterwards dismisses himself. Jet-Vac scolds Spyro for his reckless actions earlier, though Spyro shows little remorse, making Jet-Vac wish Stealth Elf to be her partner.

At the Dread Yacht, Stealth Elf relieves her motion sickness, as Captain Flynn steers the ship in a storm. Stealth Elf then voices her thoughts of how Spyro seems to only want her gone when he quickly recommended her to accompany Flynn. Flynn also shares his suspicions on Spyro's behavior such as when he was obsessed of acquiring his log book. This resonates with Stealth Elf's observations of how Spyro ceased all attempts of looking for his ancestors.

Jet-Vac and Spyro prepare to take Master Eon's body back to the transporter, where Jet-Vac accuses Dark Spyro of sabotage and potential ulterior motives of Eon's powers, even threatening to report his actions once Master Eon wakes up. However, a golden sheep suddenly crashes and severely damages the machine. Eruptor informs them that Golden Queen has returned and is indiscriminately turning anyone she sees into gold statues in nearby villages. Jet-Vac and Spyro have no choice but to assist the team by using Eon's body as Sprocket begins repairing the machine.

The Skylanders confront Golden Queen and question her demands, but she only seeks to unleash chaos after finally being freed from Kaos's prison orb thanks to a pirate ship hitting her earlier. The Skylanders' powers prove no match against Golden Queen's formidable shield. Jet-Vac proposes that they use Eon's dissolvolution spell, which Eon rarely uses since it is capable of destroying any substance, which Dark Spyro realizes is the key spell to break the Wumpan Puzzle box. Jet-Vac prepares to recite the incantation while Dark Spyro must take control of the aiming, which he intends for the puzzle box. However, Jet-Vac reminds him that the spell can only be done in one attempt as it requires huge amounts of magic. Dark Spyro now has to make a decision quickly of whether he must use it to save his friends or finish Strykore's mission. Dark Spyro chooses to aims the spell against Golden Queen, where her powers prove unmatched against Eon's, and the force incapacitates her. The Skylanders prepare to take her to Cloudcracker Prison.

Kaos and the Doom Raiders find no cause for the ship's engine to fail until they get attacked by dozens of ravenous purple chompies that were hiding within the village treasure they took earlier, realizing of why the villagers were so eager to get rid of it. Neither Kaos can find any solution against the chompies nor even Chompy Mage is able to control them. The Doom Raiders then begin to lose respect of Kaos's leadership. Kaos begins to accept their views and throws a book in sadness, where it hits a lever that releases all of the ship's sails. This causes the pirate ship to accelerate upwards that causes all the chompies to get thrown out. Kaos eventually manages to get the ship's speed in normal conditions, re-earning the confidence of the Doom Raiders, ready to serve him once again. With threats of a mutiny resolved, Kaos then prepares to continue their travels in finding the Lost Island of Arkus.

As Sprocket nears completion of the machine's repairs, Dark Spyro apologizes to Jet-Vac for his behavior. Jet-Vac returns the gesture as well, reminiscing just how good to have  DarkSpyro as company now that he has returned. Dark Spyro warms up to him, despite his evil nature. The Power Transporter activates and separates the pair out of Eon's body, who has now awaken. Unfortunately, the machine has also tampered Jet-Vac and Spyro's sizes by making them tiny in the process.

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  • This is the second episode in the series to have a character controlling inside a body of another character (the first being Space Invaders.)
  • This episode is similar to the Spongebob Squrepants episode, Snooze You Lose. Both episodes involve two characters taking over a knocked out person's body in order to meet an important person.
  • Pop Fizz's unstable nature is revealed to be an unfortunate side effect of Sprocket's power transporter.
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