The Wave Singer is Mesmeralda's signature Vehicle, unlocked by the Sea Trophy. It is the in the opponent vehicle during the Boss Pursuit in Frozen Fossil Festival.

The Wave Singer is capable of summoning Mesmeralda's puppets from her first encounter with the Skylanders and the SWAP Force. Hands of a Puppeteer allows the spider diva to gain a temporary speed boost as well as double her puppets' power. With her years as a puppeteer and outstanding magical touch, Mesmeralda will have the audience applauding for her on the waters of Skylands!


  • The Wave Singer and Glitter Glider have certain similarities.
    • Both are unlocked by the Sea Tropy.
    • Both are driven by female Villains.
    • Both have a continuous boost ability.
  • The Wave Singer is one of three music based Vehicles, the other two are Crypt Crusher and Sub Woofer.
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Kaos Trophy
Doom Jet (Sky)
Land Trophy
Chompy Buster - Scale Biter - Spirit Dragster - Steam Roller
Sea Trophy
Glitter Glider - The Lil' Phantom Tide - Rune Slider - Wave Singer
Sky Trophy
Sky Scrambler - Storm Striker - Sub Woofer - Toaster Bomber

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