Water Dragon is a 200-year old Mabu in the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders: Swap Force. He resides on the Samurai Islands where he uses the guise of a large stone dragon to scare away potential characters who aimed to use the Skeleton Key for their evil.


The Water Dragon is eager for a fight but is willing to stay hidden inside his dragon statue to prevent people that don't understand the dangers of the Skeleton Key from misusing it. He greatly dislikes lazy people, and is even willing to threaten the Skylander should they also misuse the Key.


When the Skylander came to Water Dragon to find a way to open Count Moneybone's coffin, he revealed his true appearance, and agreed to guide them to the Skeleton Key's location should they protect the nearby village of Bonsai Bay, from being destroyed by lava flow from the volcano where the artifact was located.



  • Strangely, when Hugo and Flynn were mentioning him, they called him a stone dragon, though both names are accurate to his disguise.
  • In Boom Town, he says the workers make much noise, and he can't meditate, but when you talk to the workers, they say than they're taking a rest because they finished the works.
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