“Wash away your fears, and relax by the pool with us.”
    —Ring of Heroes Relationship Description

Water is one of the ten main elements in the Skylanders series. This element is associated with most shades of blue, overlapping with Air in slight usage of cyan.


Water is present in all living things. Without it, few of the Elements would ever have come to exist. Water takes on many forms - a calm lake, a torrential rainfall, a furious typhoon — and Water Elementals come in just as wide a range of shapes and sizes. Vast areas of Skylands are covered in Water, and beneath the surface lie a whole host of undersea kingdoms. There are creatures living down there who haven't even found out that dry land exists, never mind set foot on it. From heroic protectors like the Gillmen to the monstrous fish like the Leviathan, Water supports and teems with all manners of life.[1]


The Life element is strongest against Water. The grass, flowers, and plants that are part of Life suck Water through their roots to give them strength. Which is great for them, but not too handy for Water.[2]


Characters who are associated with this element uses water to wash away their enemies. They also have the ability to swim through water to areas other characters, who don't wield the element of Water, can't reach. This ability however was excluded in Skylanders: Swap Force. Water-based characters and enemies have an advantage over Skylanders who wield the element of Fire in the Battle Arena.

Water-based Skylanders also stand on a pedestal of water when they're in their toy form.

In the turret sections of Skylanders: Trap Team, Water Skylanders have the special ability Snowball Fight,which greatly damages a single enemy. In Kaos Doom Challenge, they can summon a water gun that can be upgraded to shoot damaging puddles of water and slow down enemies.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, Water-aligned Portal Master Powers include a freezing ice trail and the ability to freeze enemies in place. Those are distributed in several conditions, and the names are as follows:

  • Path of Frost - Water Skylanders leave a freezing ice trail in a Water Zone.
  • Frosty Entrance - Water Skylanders freeze enemies in place when summoned.
  • Permafrost Strike - Water Skylander attacks have a chance to freeze enemies in place.
  • Freezing Backlash - A chance for Water Skylanders hit in a Water Zone to freeze the enemy in place.
  • Freezing Desperation - Water Skylanders leave a freezing trail of ice when their health is low.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Water Imaginators can choose from four different abilities as their secondary attack:

Water Elemental Imaginator Powers
The first two of these powers are unlocked at the start of the game, the other two are unlocked by leveling up your Imaginator.
Wave Push
Mastered Wave Push
Bubble Bounce
Mastered Bubble Bounce
Ice Block
Mastered Ice Block
Piranha Pets
Mastered Piranha Pets
Original Power
Press Attack 2 to summon a tidal wave to keep your foes at bay.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to summon a tidal wave that leaves electric starfish in its wake.
View Base Power
Original Power
Press Attack 2 to turn into a bubble and bounce around your enemies.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to turn into a bubble that launches smaller bubble projectiles on completion.
View Base Power
Unlocked at Level 3
Press Attack 2 to create a giant ice block. Press Attack 2 again to push it.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to create a a giant ice block. Press Attack 2 again to push it and freeze enemies.
View Base Power
Unlocked at Level 5
Press Attack 2 to summon hungry piranhas that seek out enemies.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to summon piranhas that are even more vicious, doing extra damage to more enemies.
View Base Power

The default color schemes for Water Imaginators are Caribbean Calypso, Surf's Up, Sea Foam, Whirlpool, Frozen Stiff, Deep Sea, seventh scheme unknown. Water Creation Crystals unlock the Pirate Set of Imaginator parts, featuring a head, a chest, arms, legs and ears.

Water Elemental Characters


Core Skylanders
Chill Icon Chill
Legendary Chill Icon Legendary Chill
Echo Icon Echo
Flip Wreck Icon Flip Wreck
Gill Grunt Icon Gill Grunt
Elite Gill Grunt Icon Elite Gill Grunt
Punk Shock Icon Punk Shock
Rip Tide Icon Rip Tide
Slam Bam Icon Slam Bam
Elite Slam Bam Icon Elite Slam Bam
Legendary Slam Bam Icon Legendary Slam Bam
Surfer Slam Bam Icon Surfer Slam Bam
Wham-Shell Icon Wham-Shell
Zap Icon Zap
Thumpback Icon Thumpback
Admiral Thumpback Icon Admiral Thumpback
SWAP Force Movement Type
Freeze Blade Icon Freeze Blade
Nitro Freeze Blade Icon Nitro Freeze Blade
Speed symbol
Wash Buckler Icon Wash Buckler
Dark Wash Buckler Icon Dark Wash Buckler
Holiday Wash Buckler Icon Holiday Wash Buckler
Climb symbol
Trap Masters
Lob-Star Icon Lob-Star
Winterfest Lob-Star Icon Winterfest Lob-Star
Snap Shot Icon Snap Shot
Dark Snap Shot Icon Dark Snap Shot
Instant Snap Shot Icon Instant Snap Shot
Merry Snap Shot Icon Merry Snap Shot
Gill Runt Icon Gill Runt
Thumpling Icon Thumpling
Deep Dive Gill Grunt Icon Deep Dive Gill Grunt
Dive-Clops Icon Dive-Clops
Instant Dive-Clops
Missile-Tow Dive-Clops Icon Missile-Tow Dive-Clops
Senseis Battle Class
Grave Clobber Icon Grave Clobber Brawler symbol
King Pen Icon King Pen
Dark King Pen Icon Dark King Pen
Brawler symbol
Tidepool Icon Tidepool Quickshot symbol


Brawl & Chain Villain Icon Brawl & Chain
Chill Bill Villain Icon Chill Bill
Cross Crow Villain Icon Cross Crow
Gulper Villain Icon The Gulper
Slobber Trap Villain Icon Slobber Trap
Threatpack Villain Icon Threatpack

Water Elemental Items

Water Traps Water Traps
  • Aqua Axe (Axe)
  • Flood Flask (Jughead)
  • Frost Helm (Flying Helmet)
  • Soaking Staff (Angel)
  • Tidal Tiki (Tiki)
  • Wet Walter (Log Holder)
Water Crystals Water Creation Crystals
Vehicles Terrain
The Lil' Phantom Tide Icon Captain Dreadbeard's The Lil' Phantom Tide Sea Symbol
Dive Bomber symbol Dive Bomber
Instant Dive Bomber
Spring Ahead Dive Bomber Icon Spring Ahead Dive Bomber
Sea Symbol
Reef Ripper symbol Reef Ripper Sea Symbol

Battlecast Spell Cards

Water Spells include healing, and also one of the few methods of removing status conditions. However, it's also a significant source of spells that cause them, being able to mute an entire team quickly.

The scrapped Water team spell is the Cascade of Water, a stream summoned by the characters that heals each ally the more Water characters the player has.

Amulet of Healing - Gear Snow Blind Flash Flood
Amulet of Healing - Gearcard

At the end of your turn, restore 10 health to owner.

Snow Blindcard

Afflict each enemy character for 20 damage. Give them -20 power until your next turn.

Flash Floodcard

Crush each enemy for 20 damage. Swap in the least healthy enemy.

Healing Rain Splish Splash Douse
Healing Raincard

Restore 40 health to each ally.

Splish Splashcard

Swap in your ally with the most power. Swap in the least healthy enemy.


Blast each enemy for 40 damage. Mute them.

Everflowing Fountain - Relic Kraken's Beak - Relic Tangled Kelp
Everflowing Fountain - Reliccard

At the start of your turn, restore 40 health to your active ally.

Kraken's Beak - Reliccard

When an ally swaps in, restore 30 health to it and give it +30 power this turn.

Tangled Kelpcard

Subdue an enemy. Destroy its gear.

Waterfall Ride the Wave Tidal Wave

Restore 50 health to each ally. Unmute, unsubdue, and unsnare them.

Ride the Wavecard

Swap in a sideline ally. It attacks the active enemy.

Tidal Wavecard

Crush each enemy for 50 damage. Give them -50 power until your next turn.

Ice Storm Cascade of Water
Ice Stormcard

Mute each enemy. Snare each enemy with 200 or less health. Subdue each enemy with 100 or less health.

Cascade of Watercard

Restore 20 health to each ally for each Water character on your team.

Character Spells: See Wash Buckler, Snap Shot and Rip Tide



  • Water-based Skylanders are one of the three elemental characters who do not build a bridge when opening their elemental gates, the others being Air and Fire. Instead, they are pulled through a swirling whirlpool of water in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and later stop a geyser in order to pass through in Skylanders: Giants.
  • The Water Skylanders were able to swim in large bodies of water in Spyro's Adventure, and in certain Heroic Challenges in Giants. However due to the absence of the bodies of water in later games, the Water Skylanders no longer hold this feature.
  • Slam Bam, Chill, Freeze Blade and King Pen have powers relating to ice instead of water, and are part of this element as ice is frozen water.
  • Lob-Star is the first, and currently the only, Water Skylander with steam-based powers.
  • In Skylanders: Giants and Skylanders: Trap Team, the music from Leviathan Lagoon plays in the Water Elemental Zones.
  • Zap, Wham-Shell, and Punk Shock are currently the only Water Skylanders with electrical powers.
    • Coincidentally, all three come from royalty.
  • This and Undead are the only elements to contain one Legendary LightCore figure in each.
  • Water and Tech have the same two swapabilities, Climb and Speed, namely Wash Buckler, Spy Rise, Magna Charge and Freeze Blade.
  • This and the Life element are the only elements to have two sidekicks before Trap Team.
    • Also, they both have more Starter Pack Skylanders than any other element.
  • Gill Grunt and Thumpback are currently the only Water Skylanders in the 3DS versions who can glide.
  • Thumpback, Thumpling, and Flip Wreck are currently the only Water Skylanders who are cetaceans, in other words, marine mammals.
  • The Water, Tech and Life elements have the most villains in Skylanders: Trap Team.
  • Water is the element with the most Trap Master variants (Dark Snap Shot, Instant Snap Shot, Merry Snap Shot, and Winterfest Lob-Star).
    • It is also the only element where both of its Trap Masters have in-game variants.
  • The Water element is the element with the most Christmas variants (counting Skylanders: Lost Islands exclusive variants).
    • It is also the only element to have Lost Islands exclusive Christmas variants.
  • This element has the most Skylanders that are leaders of their respective teams.
  • Water, Fire and Life are the main three elements to appear in starter packs.
  • This, Fire and Dark are the only elements to gain a villain from another element in Imaginators.
    • The Water element gained two villains from other elements, Grave Clobber in Imaginators and Broccoli Guy in Ring of Heroes.
  • This element has two senseis (King Pen and Grave Clobber) from the same class (Brawler).


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