“Eight Legs and No Pegs!”
    —Wash Buckler's official catchphrase

Wash Buckler is a Mermasquid pirate who is one of the SWAP Force Skylanders in Skylanders: Swap Force. He is of the Water element. His SWAP Force Ability is Climb.


Physical Traits

Wash Buckler is a blue colored Mermasquid, using six tentacles as legs, two as arms, and two as a moustache. He wears a black and gold pirate hat over a red doo rag on his head, and has dark purple irises with no pupils. He wears a blue baroque coat with gold colored sleeves and a white shirt underneath, and also wears a red belt around his waist.  He wields his slightly damaged cutlass in his right hand and his wooden Bubble Blaster in his left.


Unlike most pirates, Wash Buckler is kind-hearted and true. He was never comfortable with pirating.[1]


Wash Buckler was an orphan Mermasquid, who grew up on one of the roughest pirate ships in Skylands. While most pirates were interested in pillaging and plundering, Wash Buckler had other ideas for the future of pirating. Over the years, he earned the respect of his crew and eventually convinced his fellow pirates that they didn’t all need to be cantankerous bad guys. Thus, they set forward doing heroic deeds. Of course, this new good guy image did not sit well with other pirating crews, who attempted to sabotage Wash Buckler at every turn. But he was no ordinary pirate, and he defended his ship and his crew against the many attacking hordes. It was then that Master Eon took notice of Wash Buckler and asked him to join the Skylanders.


The Kaos Trap

Wash Buckler was one of the three Skylanders assigned to deliver supplies to a Mabu mining expedition digging for Radiance Crystals. While travelling there by Flynn's Dread-Yacht, the Octosquid was relaxing on deck and insisted that Stealth Elf should relax and enjoy the ride to the expedition. In response, Wash Buckler was intimidated when Stealth Elf asked if he had a problem with her way of "relaxing" after making short work of the training dummies. Suddenly, the Skylanders noticed that Kaos' army of trolls were attacking the Mabu mining expedition for the Radiance Crystals, and Wash Buckler, along with Pop Fizz and Stealth Elf quickly took action to aid the Mabu.

During the battle, the three Skylanders were forced to handle the trolls on their own due to the other Skylanders currently defending parts of Skylands elsewhere. Things soon turned for the worse when the Doom Raider Wolfgang arrived, causing the Skylanders, including Wash Buckler, to feel threatened and outmatched as they weren't prepared to tackle both a Troll army and a Doom Raider. Before Wolfgang could begin his attack, the Trap Masters, Snap Shot and Wallop, arrived in time to help their comrades. With their combined efforts, they defeated Wolfgang and drove off the Trolls, saving the Mabu expedition. Both the Skylanders and the Trap Masters are praised by the Mabu leader for their efforts in saving the Mabu, but soon came to notice that the Fork of Infinite Resonance was stolen by the Trolls, causing the Skylanders to ponder on what Kaos was up to.

Return of the Dragon King

Wash Buckler was one of the many Skylanders who were summoned to stop Malefor from attacking the Skylanders Academy. Despite their best efforts, they were overwhelmed by the evil dragon, who proceeded to drain the powers of the Skylanders with a crystal to make himself stronger.

Rift into Overdrive

Wash Buckler aided the defense of the Skylanders Academy with Chill, Slam Bam, and Zap as his crew on board his ship. When Kaos arrived with a group of his minions in an all-out war, the Mermasquid and his group fought back as enemies breached his ship. Wash Buckler would gain help in the form of Knight Light and his Skylander flight support, successfully fighting off the first wave of enemies before they were met with Kaos' impossibly huge fleet of airships approaching them.


Wash Buckler can attack by slapping foes with his tentacles as well as shoot ink from them which stuns enemies, his tentacles even allow him to climb walls and steep surfaces easily. He can also use his cutlass to slash at his foes, and his bubble gun to fire bubbles that trap his opponents; and his soul gem allows him to create a watery pirate ship. In Skylanders: Battlecast, Wash Buckler can Rust Gear into Rusted Junk, eat kelp to increase his attack, and paralyze enemies with his ink. His signature Gear is the Mermasquid Buckler, decreasing incoming damage, and his Special Ability is Muckshot, decreasing enemy damage temporarily.


These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in Skylanders: Swap Force.

  • Health: 270 (Lv. 20: 810)
  • Speed: 43
  • Armor: 24
  • Critical Hit: 8
  • Elemental Power: 25

These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in Skylanders: Trap Team.

  • Health: ??? (Lv. 20: ???)
  • Speed: ??
  • Armor: ??
  • Critical Hit: ??
  • Elemental Power: ??

These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in Skylanders: SuperChargers.

  • Health: 270 (Lv. 20: 810)
  • Speed: 43
  • Armor: 24
  • Critical Hit: ?
  • Elemental Power: 25

These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in Skylanders: Imaginators.

  • Health: 270 (Lv. 20: 810)
  • Attack: 4 (Lv. 20: 54)
  • Armor: 4 (Lv. 20: 29)
  • Speed: 15 (Lv. 20: 45)
  • Luck: 16 (Lv. 20: 36)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 130
  • Defense: 120
  • Agility: 60
  • Luck: 140


Top Basic Ability
This ability is available from
the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Twisty Tunnels

Sword Slash On Stormy Seas
Wash Bucklertopprimarypower

Primary Ability
Press Attack 1 to swing a bubbly cutlass at nearby enemies.

Wash Bucklertopsoulgempower

Price: 3500
Hold Attack 1 to charge Bladesail even further, release to summon a watery pirate ship that rams into enemies.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Power Pods/Persephone.

Bubble Blaster Bladesail Dangerous Waters
Wash Bucklertopbasicupgrade1

Price: 300
Press Attack 3 to shoot a bubble that will trap an enemy for a short time.

Wash Bucklertopbasicupgrade2

Price: 800
Sword attacks do increased damage. Hold Attack 1 to charge the sword, release to perform a dash attack.

Wash Bucklertopbasicupgrade3

Price: 1000
Press Attack 3 to shoot a piranha filled bubble at an enemy. Warning: these little fish are angry!

Cutlass Captain
View Bubble Buccaneer
Become a swashbuckler to increase melee and defensive capabilities.
Parley Popper First Mate Cutlass
Wash Bucklertoppath1upgrade1

Price: 1500
Popping bubbles with sword attacks will create a bubble shield that reduces damage and explodes when attacked.

Wash Bucklertoppath1upgrade2

Price: 2000
Sword attacks do even more damage. The most trusty first mate a pirate could have.

Bubble Buccaneer
View Cutlass Captain
Become a buccaneer to increase the effectiveness of bubble attacks.
Marooned Captain of Piranha Bay
Wash Bucklertoppath2upgrade1

Price: 1500
Bubble attacks do increased damage. Hold attack 3 to charge the Bubble Blaster, release to shoot two mega bubbles that can trap many enemies.

Wash Bucklertoppath2upgrade2

Price: 2000
Piranhas do increased damage. More dangerous than your average piranha!

Bottom Basic Ability
This ability is available from
the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Twisty Tunnels

Somersaulty Tentacle Carousel
Wash Bucklerbottomprimarypower

Primary Ability
Press Attack 2 to dash forward and roll over enemies with powerful tentacles.

Wash Bucklerbottomsoulgempower

Price: 3500
Press Attack 2 rapidly to perform a spin attack that damages all nearby enemies.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Power Pods/Persephone.

Octolash Deep Skin Ink Jet
Wash Bucklerbottombasicupgrade1

Price: 300
Hold Attack 2 to slap enemies with two tentacles.

Wash Bucklerbottombasicupgrade2

Price: 800
Health is increased. All of the deep sea treasure hunts have really paid off!

Wash Bucklerbottombasicupgrade3

Price: 1000
Octolash now shoots ink that damages and temporarily causes enemies to have difficulties seeing.

View Ink Artist
Use new tentacle attacks to slap around enemies!
Tentacleaver Sea Legs
Wash Bucklerbottompath1upgrade1

Price: 1500
Hold Attack 2 to slap enemies repeatedly.

Wash Bucklerbottompath1upgrade2

Price: 2000
Tentacles do increase damage. Whip those enemies into shape!

Ink Artist
View Tentacoolest
Ink attacks are more potent and damage more enemies!
Ink Trail This Will Never Come Out!
Wash Bucklerbottompath2upgrade1

Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to leave behind a cloud of ink.

Wash Bucklerbottompath2upgrade2

Price: 2000
Ink attacks do increased damage.

Rust Can of Kelp Paralyzing Ink

Turn an enemy gear to Rusted Junk.

Can of Kelpcard

Restore 50 health to Wash Buckler. Give him +50 power this turn.

Paralyzing Inkcard

Afflict each enemy for 60 damage. Snare them.

Stink or Swim Mermasquid Buckler - Gear Muckshot - Special Ability
Stink or Swimcard

Snare each enemy. When an enemy attacks or plays a card next turn, swap in a random sidelined enemy.

Mermasquid Buckler - Gearcard

Enemy abilities, attacks and character spells deal -30 damage to owner.

Muckshot - Special Abilitycard

Give the active enemy -30 power until your next turn.


Rare (Currently Unobtainable)
Enemy spells cost 2 more next turn.

Sword Slash (Active)

[1 Enemy]
Closes in on an enemy and attacks.

Mana cost: 1
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Octolash (Active)

[1 Enemy]
Attacks an enemy. Casts [ACC DOWN] on enemy for 2 turn(s).

Mana cost: 5
Cooldown: 5 seconds

Somersaulty (Active)

[1 Enemy]
Attacks an enemy then finishes with a body slam. Casts [Blind] for 2 turn(s).

Mana cost: 5
Cooldown: 5 seconds

Deep Skin (Passive)

35% chance to cast [EFFECT RES DOWN] on an enemy for 1 turn(s) when attacked.

Mana cost: 0
Cooldown: 0 seconds

Dirty Suction Pads (Leader)

[All Allies]
20% chance to cast [ATK DOWN] on target for 1 turn(s) when allies' attack lands.

Mana cost: 0
Cooldown: 0 seconds

Skylanders can use abilities depending on their level.

Starting Powers

  • TBA (Primary Attack): TBA
  • TBA (Secondary Attack): TBA
  • TBA (SWAP Force Power): TBA


  • TBA (requires level: 3): (Add description here)
  • TBA (requires level: 6): (Add description here)
  • TBA (requires level: 9): (Add description here)


Basic Quests

  • Bad Guy Basher: Defeat 1000 enemies.
  • Fruit Frontiersman: Eat 15 fruit.
  • Flawless Challenger: Complete a non-Story Mode level at full health.
  • True Gladiator: Win 10 PVP matches.
  • Totally Maxed Out: Reach level 20 and purchase all Upgrades for this Skylander.

Elemental Quests

  • Elementalist: Deal 7500 elemental bonus damage.
  • Extinguisher: Defeat 25 Fire Geargolems.
  • A-Fish-Ionado: Catch 25 fish with the fishing rod.

Unique Quest

  • Sleep With The Fishes: Defeat 50 enemies with the fish in your bubbles.


Battle Cries

  • "Eight Legs and No Pegs!"
  • "Sailing Ahead!"
  • "Sail Away!"
  • "Your ship has sailed!"
  • "Shape up or ship out!" When charging on Stormy Seas
  • "Turning the tide!"
  • "No map needed!"
  • "A fine bounty!"
  • "Clear the deck!"
  • "Another success!"
  • "Power blast!" - After leveling up
  • "Power wave!"
  • "Let's chart a new course!"
  • "Making my mark!" - When checking stats
  • "I'm looking ship-shape!"
  • "Where's my pirate hat?" - After putting on a hat
  • "A hat fit for a captain!"

Battlecast Quotes

  • "Clear the deck!" - scanned in
  • "Let's set sail!"
  • "At the ready!" - when selected
  • "Ready to take the wheel!"
  • "Eight legs and no pegs!" - Battle Introduction
  • "Prepare for battle!"
  • "Let's turn the tide!" - swapping in
  • "Captain on deck!"
  • "Retreating!" - swapping out
  • "Shoving off!"
  • "Making my mark!" - rank up
  • "Rising tides!"
  • "A fine trinket." - Summoning a Gear
  • "Fit for a captain!"
  • "Prosperous!" - Summoning a Relic
  • "A bounty for all!"
  • "Striking!" - randomly when using spells
  • "Impressive!"
  • "Getting help from the kelp!" - Can of Kelp
  • "Feeling refreshed!"
  • "Ink marks the spot!" - Paralyzing Ink
  • "Strike a pose!"
  • "A strong wind blows..." - Stink or Swim
  • "Caught you in my wake!"
  • "Think I'll take this!" - Rust
  • "Junk it!"
  • "No harming me now!" - Mermasquid Buckler
  • "Fortified!"
  • "Anchors away!" - KOed an enemy
  • "Your ship has sailed!"
  • "I shall return..." - when defeated
  • "A cruel fate!"
  • "Dropped like an anchor..." - defeat at the end of battle
  • "Took the wind out of my sails!"
  • "You're all washed up!" - Victory
  • "A victory for the ages!"
  • "Shape up or ship out." - when poked
  • "Not very wise."
  • "Ahoy!"
  • "Do you mind?"
  • "Yes?"
  • "What?!"
  • "Rising in rank!" - Card Level Up
  • "Up the chain of command!"

Commercial Quotes

  • "Dude! Have you ever seen Fire Kraken in action? We want a ringside seat!" - Fire Kraken Short Cut
  • "Dude! Do the dragon!" 
  • "Who brings their mom? OK, lets do this!" - Just like SWAP Force trailer
  • "Don't worry suckers! got suckers!" - Hitting the Wall trailer

Media Quotes

  • "Hey, you, tweet this! Just saw Swap Force! Had to swap my pants! Hashtag Swap Force, Hashtag yo mama!" - Swap Force Special E3 2013 Extended trailer
  • "Hey! You suckers wanna see my suckers? Pretty impressive huh?"

Character Trailers

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  • Wash Buckler is the third pirate character to be on the side of good, the first ones are Dreadbeard and Thumpback .
    • He is also the second pirate character to be a Skylander.
  • Even though Wash Buckler's catchphrase is "Eight Legs and No Pegs", he only has six legs, in-game and toy model.
    • Counting his arms would add up to eight limbs, though.
  • Wash Buckler's name comes from the word "swashbuckler", a synonym for pirate.
  • He resembles Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • When you put on a different hat for Wash Buckler, it will replace his usual hat. The same goes for Rattle Shake. However, his red bandana remains on his head while either his original hat or another is placed.
  • Wash Buckler is the second Skylander to have more than four limbs (the first is Slam Bam and the third is Spy Rise).
  • He is the first Skylander to hold two different weapons that doesn't include a shield.
  • His moustache is a pair of tentacles, complete with suction cups.
    • He also has suction cups on the tips of his "fingers".
  • He is voiced by John DiMaggio who is very prominent for portraying Bender from Futurama, Jake from Adventure Time, Dr. Drakken and Motor Ed from Kim Possible.
    • John also provided the voice of Wallop.
  • He and Spy Rise are the only SWAP Force Skylanders with more than two legs.
    • They are also the SWAP Force Skylanders who have Climb Abilities.
  • He is the second Water Skylander to come with a console starter pack; the first being Gill Grunt for Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, and the third being Snap Shot for Skylanders: Trap Team.
    • He is also the first to do so as a non-core Skylander.
  • As seen in the Can of Kelp card in Skylanders: Battlecast, Wash Buckler apparently eats and is strengthed by kelp, not unlike the cartoon character Popeye who likes and is strengthed by spinach.
    • Interestingly, he is the only member of the SWAP Force to be featured in Battlecast.
  • He makes a cameo in Skylanders Academy episode, Power Struggle during Master Eon's flashback. Oddly enough, he seems to be siding with Strykore.


  1. Skylanders Universe: The Complete Collection, page 198
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