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The Villains are a group of most wanted evil creatures in Skylands in Skylanders: Trap Team. They were originally kept behind bars in the Cloudcracker Prison until Kaos freed them to build his own army. Using magical Traps, Portal Masters are able to recapture these villains and use them to fight for good. An evil villain called the Golden Queen seeks to recruit the strongest villains into her gang called the Doom Raiders to spread complete mayhem.

In Skylanders: Imaginators, some of those villains return as Senseis. Illusions of some villains are also playable in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. This feature was removed in 2.0 revamp.


After escaping from Cloudcracker Prison, the villains can be found throughout the game story. They can be encountered in plain sight or hidden in certain areas of the chapters. When a villain is defeated, they release a wave of energy that wipes out other nearby enemies that were summoned by the villain. If the player doesn't have the elemental trap that is needed to trap the villain, the player can simply not trap the villain and they will be taken to the Villain Vault instead where they can be switched in or out later.

At first, the villains are playable for 30 seconds, prompting the switching between villain and Skylander. The timer gradually increases as you complete Villain Quests. Not only do the Villain Quests increase the respective villain's timer, it also changes their color. However, Sheep Creep, Chomp Chest, and Kaos' timers are longer than other villains'

In the 3DS version of Trap Team, the Nightmare Villains take over the role of capturable villains. Unlike the console versions, traps are not needed to capture these villains, and can be summoned to release an special attack than strongly damages enemies, rather than being playable (with the exception of Villain Bootcamps).

List of Villains


AirSymbolSkylanders.png Air AirSymbolSkylanders.png
Dreamcatcher Villain Icon.png Dreamcatcher
Bad Juju Villain Icon.png Bad Juju
Buzzer Beak Villain Icon.png Buzzer Beak
Krankenstein Villain Icon.png Krankenstein


DarkSymbolSkylanders.png Dark DarkSymbolSkylanders.png
Nightshade Villain Icon.png Nightshade
Eye Scream Villain Icon.png Eye Scream
Fisticuffs Villain Icon.png Fisticuffs
Tae Kwon Crow Villain Icon.png Tae Kwon Crow


EarthSymbolSkylanders.png Earth EarthSymbolSkylanders.png
Golden Queen Villain Icon.png Golden Queen
Chomp Chest Villain Icon.png Chomp Chest
Grave Clobber Villain Icon.png Grave Clobber
Tussle Sprout Villain Icon.png Tussle Sprout


FireSymbolSkylanders.png Fire FireSymbolSkylanders.png
Chef Pepper Jack Villain Icon.png Chef Pepper Jack
Grinnade Villain Icon.png Grinnade
Scrap Shooter Villain Icon.png Scrap Shooter
Smoke Scream Villain Icon.png Smoke Scream


KaosSymbolSkylanders.png Kaos KaosSymbolSkylanders.png
Kaos Villain Icon.png Kaos


LightSymbolSkylanders.png Light LightSymbolSkylanders.png
Luminous Villain Icon.png Luminous
Blaster-Tron Villain Icon.png Blaster-Tron
Eye Five Villain Icon.png Eye Five
Lob Goblin Villain Icon.png Lob Goblin


LifeSymbolSkylanders.png Life LifeSymbolSkylanders.png
Chompy Mage Villain Icon.png Chompy Mage
Broccoli Guy Villain Icon.png Broccoli Guy
Chompy Villain Icon.png Chompy
Cuckoo Clocker Villain Icon.png Cuckoo Clocker
Sheep Creep Villain Icon.png Sheep Creep
Shield Shredder Villain Icon.png Shield Shredder


MagicSymbolSkylanders.png Magic MagicSymbolSkylanders.png
Bomb Shell Villain Icon.png Bomb Shell
Pain-Yatta Villain Icon.png Pain-Yatta
Rage Mage Villain Icon.png Rage Mage


TechSymbolSkylanders.png Tech TechSymbolSkylanders.png
Dr. Krankcase Villain Icon.png Dr. Krankcase
Brawlrus Villain Icon.png Brawlrus
Bruiser Cruiser Villain Icon.png Bruiser Cruiser
Mab Lobs Villain Icon.png Mab Lobs
Shrednaught Villain Icon.png Shrednaught
Trolling Thunder Villain Icon.png Trolling Thunder


UndeadSymbolSkylanders.png Undead UndeadSymbolSkylanders.png
Wolfgang Villain Icon.png Wolfgang
Bone Chompy Villain Icon.png Bone Chompy
Hood Sickle Villain Icon.png Hood Sickle
Masker Mind Villain Icon.png Masker Mind


WaterSymbolSkylanders.png Water WaterSymbolSkylanders.png
Gulper Villain Icon.png The Gulper
Brawl & Chain Villain Icon.png Brawl & Chain
Chill Bill Villain Icon.png Chill Bill
Cross Crow Villain Icon.png Cross Crow
Slobber Trap Villain Icon.png Slobber Trap
Threatpack Villain Icon.png Threatpack

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  • Certain villains claim to dislike the Doom Raiders for various reasons.
  • Several villains appear much larger in their debut in the game before they are defeated and captured.
  • Slobber Trap, Brawlrus, Eye Five, Dreamcatcher, Fisticuffs, Cross Crow, Threatpack, Tae Kwon Crow, Bone Chompy, Golden Queen, Lob Goblin and Mab Lobs are the only villains whose chapters do not have zones were Skylanders of their element are stronger.
    • Coincidentally, Slobber Trap, Cross Crow and Threatpack are all of the Water element.
    • Brawlrus and Mab Lobs are of the Tech element.
    • Eye Five and Lob Goblin are of the Light element.
    • Fisticuffs and Tae Kwon Crow are of the Dark element.
    • Cross Crow and Tae Kwon Crow are not accompanied by other villains in their chapters.
      • Coincidentally, they are both crows.
    • Fisticuffs and Cross Crow both say "...hey!" when they return back to their traps.
    • Lob Goblin and Mab Lobs both come in Adventure Packs (Nightmare Express and Mirror of Mystery), throw bombs and have the word "Lob" in their names.
    • Dreamcatcher and Golden Queen are both female Doom Raiders with featureless eyes.
  • All trap exclusive Villains, such as Riot Shield Shredder and Outlaw Brawl & Chain, remain in their original color schemes even when they are evolved.
  • Pain-Yatta appears to be the most popular non-Doom Raider in terms of merchandise and media; with his own "Meet the Villains" trailer, being the main villain in the Light in the Dark comics, being included in the Skylanders: Trap Team McDonald's Happy Meal toy line, returning as a racer in Skylanders: SuperChargers (also being playable in Racing), being the main villain in the Magic Realm of Skylanders: Battlecast, and becoming a Sensei in Skylanders: Imaginators.
  • Most villains do appear in Skylanders: SuperChargers, however, traps no longer allow the player to play as villains (now done through Trophies), but instead provide ammo and unlock Skystones in Skystones Overdrive.
  • Originally, villains were going to have health bars when trapped.
  • Prior to being trapped, most Villains usually say a line in an attempt to persuade the Portal Master to capture them. Despite this, most Villains seem like they do not want to be captured when being sucked into the vortex.
  • Some of the villains change their elements in Imaginators after becoming Senseis. Tae Kwon Crow, Grave Clobber and Hood Sickle were the first to do this.
  • Some time in 2017, the villain page was removed from the official Skylanders website.
  • Kaos has the longest theme out of all the Villains, with a track length of 65 seconds.