Villain Quests are a method for Villains to be upgraded in Skylanders: Trap Team. After the villain completes their respective quest, they are rewarded with a new color scheme, becoming "Evolved" villains with an extended villain timer and a damage boost to their attacks.

List of Villain Quests

Villain Quest Name Chapter Located Villain Quest Giver Description
Bad JujuListIcon.png
Bad Juju
Remote Location Lair of the Golden Queen Glumshanks Bad Juju is needed to retrieve a remote Glumshanks dropped.
Help Diggs Dig The Golden Desert Diggs Blaster-Tron is needed to help Diggs uncover buried treasure.
Bomb ShellListIcon.png
Bomb Shell
Mission: Demolition
Mystic Mill Rizzo Bomb Shell is needed to plant eight bundles of dynamite in order to destroy the trolls' defenses.
Bone ChompyListIcon.png
Bone Chompy
Paging Dr. Bone Chompy Operation: Troll Rocket Steal Buzz Bone Chompy's medical skills are needed to aid the Mabu Defense Force.
Brawl & ChainListIcon.png
Brawl & Chain
Fairy Night Lights
Telescope Towers Hawk Brawl & Chain is needed to deliver fairy lights in Hawk's dream.
Submarine Bros 4 Life Rainfish Riviera Argle Bargle Argle Bargle needs his old friend Brawlrus to access to the interior of Argle Bargle's submarine.
Broccoli GuyListIcon.png
Broccoli Guy
Broccoli Guy En Fuego Chef Zeppelin Bernie Broccoli Guy is needed to help the Mabu chef with his recipe.
Bruiser CruiserListIcon.png
Bruiser Cruiser
Need More Than Singing Chompy Mountain Brady Bruiser Cruiser is needed to save trapped miners.
Buzzer BeakListIcon.png
Buzzer Beak
Family Reunion Phoenix Psanctuary Buzz Buzzer Beak is needed to attend his family reunion.
Chef Pepper JackListIcon.png
Chef Pepper Jack
Head of the Cheese
Rainfish Riviera Galley Chef Pepper Jack is enlisted to find the finest cheeses in a strange jungle ruin while evading an angry Stone Head.
Chill BillListIcon.png
Chill Bill
The Cold Front Chompy Mountain Rocky Chill Bill is required to broadcast his voice at the Troll Radio station.
Chomp ChestListIcon.png
Chomp Chest
Hot Diggity Dash!
Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink Flam Bam Chomp Chest is invited to participate in a hot dog eating competition.
Worker's Chompensation Mirror of Mystery Butterfly Chompy is required to wake up a sleeping troll farmer.
Chompy MageListIcon.png
Chompy Mage
Free the Chompies! Chef Zeppelin Cookie Chompy Mage is needed to free all the Chompies on the Chef Zeppelin.
Cross CrowListIcon.png
Cross Crow
Skylands' Biggest Fans
Time Town Tessa Cross Crow is needed to reactivate Skylands' biggest fans.
Cuckoo ClockerListIcon.png
Cuckoo Clocker
Song Birds Phoenix Psanctuary Da Pinchy Cuckoo Clocker is required to aid the other singing birds by providing his baritones.
Dr. KrankcaseListIcon.png
Dr. Krankcase
Diorama Drama Time Town Leyland Dr. Krankcase is invited to watch motion dioramas.
Sweet Dreams Wilikin Workshop Rochester Dreamcatcher is needed to help Rochester sleep.
Eye FiveListIcon.png
Eye Five
Rainfish Riviera Doublooney Eye Five is invited to play a new game.
Eye ScreamListIcon.png
Eye Scream
Paranormal Captivity
Monster Marsh Cali Eye Scream is needed to find some lost spirits.
Outhouse Back In-House Monster Marsh Smeekens Fisticuffs is required to retrieve an outhouse that's drifting away.
Golden QueenListIcon.png
Golden Queen
Bank on This! The Ultimate Weapon Dr. Noobry The Golden Queen is required to magically activate the Piggybank-o-matic 3001 and produce gold.
Grave ClobberListIcon.png
Grave Clobber
Where is Flynn?
Lair of the Golden Queen Cali Grave Clobber is needed to rescue Flynn.
Troubles II
Skyhighlands Diggs Grinnade is needed to detonate itself in front of the large crystals.
The GulperListIcon.png
The Gulper
Balloon Redemption
Know-It-All Island Mags The Gulper is enlisted to gather balloons for every child that attended Soda Springs' Soda Festival in order to redeem himself.
Hood SickleListIcon.png
Hood Sickle
Skylanders Academy Hatterson Hood Sickle is needed to stop the troll's counterfeit operation.
Who Wants Kaos Kake? Skylanders Academy Blobbers Kaos is required to make a Kaos Kake for Blobbers at the Skylanders Academy kitchen.
Onward Wilikin Soldiers Operation: Troll Rocket Steal Wooster Krankenstein is needed to create Wilikin soldiers for the Mabu Defense Force.
Lob GoblinListIcon.png
Lob Goblin
Grand Theft Plan Nightmare Express Peebs Lob Goblin is required to crack a Troll combination lock.
Buzz Has a Hat? Sunscraper Spire Buzz Luminous is required to retrieve Buzz's lucky hat.
Mab LobsListIcon.png
Mab Lobs
Fishness Protection Program Mirror of Mystery Kaos Mab Lobs is needed to help scare away Kaos' fishy friend.
Masker MindListIcon.png
Masker Mind
Hypnosis Schnipnosis Telescope Towers Arthur Masker Mind is needed to hypnotize one of the Mabu scientists.
Crown Without a King Midnight Museum Tessa Nightshade is needed to deactivate a security system.
I'm With the Band
Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink Bag O' Bones Pain-Yatta is needed to escort the Gecko Chorus to the Capybara King.
Rage MageListIcon.png
Rage Mage
Ice Cream in the Future? The Future of Skylands Noobman Rage Mage is required to advertise the ice cream franchise in the future.
Scrap ShooterListIcon.png
Scrap Shooter
Pirates of the Broken Table Wilikin Workshop Yoho Scrap Shooter is needed to fix the table for Skystones Smash players.
Sheep CreepListIcon.png
Sheep Creep
Mildly Irritated Sheep
Chompy Mountain Gumbus Sheep Creep is needed to save his fellow sheep from the local water buffaloes.
Shield ShredderListIcon.png
Shield Shredder
Wood-Be Band Wilikin Workshop Gilmour Shield Shredder is needed to provide his buzzing tunes for the Wilikin musicians.
Sure Beats Keys Mystic Mill Loggins Shrednaught is needed to cut through wooden blockages.
Slobber TrapListIcon.png
Slobber Trap
Gumbus' Fortune Know-It-All Island Gumbus Slobber Trap is needed to knock over the stone tile that leads to Gumbus' Treasure.
Smoke ScreamListIcon.png
Smoke Scream
Fight Doom with Boom The Ultimate Weapon Buzz Smoke Scream is needed to burn through the blockage that leads to the Treasure Chest.
Tae Kwon CrowListIcon.png
Tae Kwon Crow
Gopher the Gold
The Golden Desert Tessa Tae Kwon Crow is needed to save gophers that are forced to work in a circus.
You Break It, You Fix It Skyhighlands Tessa Threatpack is needed to operate the cannons so that he can get the Sky Pirates off the tails of Flynn and the rest of his fleet.
Trolling ThunderListIcon.png
Trolling Thunder
Statue of Limitations Nightmare Express Da Pinchy Trolling Thunder is needed to blow up a boulder blocking the view of Flynn's stone portrait.
Tussle SproutListIcon.png
Tussle Sprout
Sproutin' Up Phoenix Psanctuary Arbo Tussle Sprout is needed to create a floral bridge leading to the Villain Stash.
An Inconvenience of Imps
The Future of Skylands Q.U.I.G.L.E.Y. Wolfgang is enlisted to vacuum up 100 escaped Lockmaster Imps to prevent the future from being overrun by them.


  • The only level without any Villain Quests is Soda Springs.
    • This is most-likely due to the fact that it is a tutorial level.
  • The following Villains appear in the same chapter as their quest: Bad Juju, Brawlrus, Chompy, Cross Crow, Cuckoo Clocker, Eye Scream, Lob Goblin, Luminous, Mab Lobs, Nightshade, Scrap Shooter, Slobber Trap, Smoke Scream, Trolling Thunder, and Wolfgang.
    • Wolfgang, Luminous, and Nightshade are the only Doom Raiders to have Villain Quests in Chapters where they are fought.
  • Tessa and Buzz both equally hold more Villain Quests than Cali, Da Pinchy, Diggs, and Gumbus.
    • Coincidentally, Tessa holds quests for two Water (Cross Crow and Threatpack) and two Dark Villains (Tae Kwon Crow and Nightshade).
    • She has been seen holding quests thrice while sitting and riding on Whiskers. The only one in which she appears alone is with Nightshade's quest.
  • Kaos is the only Villain who both holds a quest (non-playable) and is required to complete a quest (playable).
    • He and Hood Sickle are the only villains having their villain quest in the hub world, and not in a chapter.
  • Hood Sickle is the only villain with a non-repeatable quest.
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