Villain Bootcamps are special areas in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Trap Team. Only the Nightmare Villains can gain access to these bootcamps, and each one has their own Villain Bootcamp.

Villain Bootcamp Stages

  1. Boris Blisterbottom must light the dynamite candles of cakes, eat them, then throw himself at Mabu statues to blow them up.
  2. Spike McPokerton must stop projectiles from Mabu cannons from destroying statues of the Dream Sheep.
  3. Birdo Chesterfield must sneak his way through a maze guarded by Mabu by hiding in the bushes and calling Bird Choppers as distractions.
  4. Baron Von Smashbeak must destroy the Mabu nesting dolls in each room.
  5. Bobbin Rood must light up all the Fire Chompies in each room.
  6. Runys Pointyboots must shoot the Mabu targets and heal the Elf targets.
  7. Olaf Crushersson must smash all the Mabu dummies in each room.
  8. Marf Gargaroots must make his way through rooms guarded by Mabu by turning invisible.
  9. Grunkin Gobsprout must shoot the Mabu targets while sparing the Troll targets.
  10. Big Bertha Bubblethorn must knock all the other Chompies out of the ring.
  11. Bucktooth the Tiny must dig up keys so he can check up on the imprisoned Sage of Wakening.
  12. Shellshock Sheldon must clear the explosives in the area where the second Sage of Wakening was locked up.
  13. Russel Purplestache must clean up the third prison of the Sage of Wakening by smashing the sea slugs in the area.


  • Villain Bootcamps are the only levels where the Nightmare Villains are playable.
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