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Verl is a green Gillman in Skylanders: Trap Team who resides in the Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink. Centuries ago, he, along with several other Gillmen, locked themselves in the sewers to escape from the Great Germ Outbreak. He is paranoid of outsiders, greatly fearing that they are unclean and filled with germs.

After putting the Skylanders through a trial to determine if they were really Skylanders or not, Verl and the other Gillmen were convinced that the Skylanders were really the legendary heroes who had arrived to help them.


  • During the final cutscene of Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink, where Verl is talking with Flynn and the Skylanders, there is an error in which two Verls can be seen. One is talking with Flynn and the Skylander, while the other is still in the background standing on the stage with the other Gillmen. This is repeated in the following game with Spellslamzer, also in an Arena-like area.
  • Verl and his men are taller than Gillmen seen elsewhere, and have darker and more prominent scales on their arms instead of their backs.
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