Vehicles are machines piloted by the SuperChargers in Skylanders: SuperChargers and its Racing counterpart. These special machines are powered by legendary Rift Engines that allows the SuperChargers to create rifts to travel through like portals.


Each Vehicle is aligned by element and terrain type, giving players unique abilities and diverse experiences across different settings throughout the game. The terrain types are Land, Sky and Sea. Not only are the vehicles playable in game, many of the figures have movable parts, making the toys fun and playable outside of the game.

By collecting Gearbits in vehicle areas, SuperChargers can upgrade their Vehicle's weapon and shields. Players can also gather Mods to customize their vehicles.

Some of the Villains also have their own vehicles, but they cannot be used in the story mode of SuperChargers, and cannot switch drivers. These are unlocked by Trophies, of which there are one per terrain, plus one extra for Kaos. Additionally, Pandergast allows Skylanders to borrow two of his vehicles for the Land and Sea races of SuperChargers Racing.

In the Skylanders Academy TV series, they are referred to as SuperChargers, and all are capable of flight despite not all being Sky vehicles. They are kept in working condition by Sprocket.

List of Vehicles

SuperCharger Vehicles


Land Symbol Land Vehicles Land Symbol Element Pilot
Barrel Blaster symbol Barrel Blaster
Dark Barrel Blaster Icon Dark Barrel Blaster
Note: Nintendo Systems Only
TechSymbolSkylanders Turbo Charge Donkey Kong Icon
Burn-Cycle symbol Burn-Cycle FireSymbolSkylanders Lava Lance Eruptor Icon
Crypt Crusher symbol Crypt Crusher UndeadSymbolSkylanders Fiesta Icon
Gold Rusher symbol Gold Rusher
Power Blue Gold Rusher Icon Power Blue Gold Rusher
TechSymbolSkylanders Double Dare Trigger Happy Icon
Hot Streak symbol Hot Streak
Dark Hot Streak Icon Dark Hot Streak
E3 Hot Streak
(Unavailable in Racing)
Golden Hot Streak
Instant Hot Streak
(Unavailable in Racing)
FireSymbolSkylanders Spitfire Icon
Shark Tank symbol Shark Tank EarthSymbolSkylanders Shark Shooter Terrafin Icon
Shield Striker symbol Shield Striker TechSymbolSkylanders High Volt Icon
Thump Truck symbol Thump Truck EarthSymbolSkylanders Smash Hit Icon
Tomb Buggy symbol Tomb Buggy UndeadSymbolSkylanders Bone Bash Roller Brawl Icon


Sky Symbol Sky Vehicles Sky Symbol Element Pilot
Buzz Wing symbol Buzz Wing LifeSymbolSkylanders Thrillipede Icon
Clown Cruiser symbol Clown Cruiser
Dark Clown Cruiser Icon Dark Clown Cruiser
Note: Nintendo Systems Only
AirSymbolSkylanders Hammer Slam Bowser Icon
Jet Stream symbol Jet Stream AirSymbolSkylanders Hurricane Jet-Vac Icon
Sky Slicer symbol Sky Slicer
Instant Sky Slicer Icon Instant Sky Slicer
(Imaginators Only)
AirSymbolSkylanders Stormblade Icon
Stealth Stinger symbol Stealth Stinger
Instant Stealth Stinger
(iOS Only)
Nitro Stealth Stinger Icon Nitro Stealth Stinger
LifeSymbolSkylanders Super Shot Stealth Elf Icon
Sun Runner symbol Sun Runner
Legendary Sun Runner Icon Legendary Sun Runner
LightSymbolSkylanders Astroblast Icon


Sea Symbol Sea Vehicles Sea Symbol Element Pilot
Dive Bomber symbol Dive Bomber
Instant Dive Bomber
(iOS Only)
Spring Ahead Dive Bomber Icon Spring Ahead Dive Bomber
WaterSymbolSkylanders Dive-Clops Icon
Reef Ripper symbol Reef Ripper WaterSymbolSkylanders Deep Dive Gill Grunt Icon
Sea Shadow symbol Sea Shadow
Dark Sea Shadow Icon Dark Sea Shadow
Instant Sea Shadow
(Imaginators Only)
DarkSymbolSkylanders Nightfall Icon
Soda Skimmer symbol Soda Skimmer
Nitro Soda Skimmer Icon Nitro Soda Skimmer
MagicSymbolSkylanders Big Bubble Pop Fizz Icon
Splatter Splasher symbol Splatter Splasher
Power Blue Splatter Splasher Icon Power Blue Splatter Splasher
MagicSymbolSkylanders Splat Icon

Villain Vehicles

Villain Symbol Villain Vehicles Villain Symbol Element Terrain
The Lil' Phantom Tide Icon Captain Frightbeard's The Lil' Phantom Tide WaterSymbolSkylanders Sea Symbol
Toaster Bomber Icon Chef Pepper Jack's Toaster Bomber FireSymbolSkylanders Sky Symbol
Chompy Buster Icon Chompy Mage's Chompy Buster LifeSymbolSkylanders Land Symbol
Sky Scrambler Icon Cluck's Sky Scrambler TechSymbolSkylanders Sky Symbol
Spirit Dragster Icon Count Moneybone's Spirit Dragster UndeadSymbolSkylanders Land Symbol
Scale Biter Icon Dragon Hunter's Scale Biter

(Replaced by Dr. Krankcase's unnamed vehicle in Racing)

MagicSymbolSkylanders Land Symbol
Steam Roller Icon Glumshanks' Steam Roller TechSymbolSkylanders Land Symbol
Glitter Glider Icon Golden Queen's Glitter Glider EarthSymbolSkylanders Sea Symbol
Doom Jet Icon Kaos' Doom Jet KaosSymbolSkylanders Sky Symbol
Storm Striker Icon Lord Stratosfear's Storm Striker

(Replaced by Pain-Yatta's unnamed vehicle in Racing)

AirSymbolSkylanders Sky Symbol
Wave Singer Icon Mesmeralda's Wave Singer MagicSymbolSkylanders Sea Symbol
Rune Slider Icon Spellslamzer's Rune Slider

(Replaced by The Gulper's unnamed vehicle in Racing)

MagicSymbolSkylanders Sea Symbol
Sub Woofer Icon Wolfgang's Sub Woofer UndeadSymbolSkylanders Sky Symbol

Pandergast Vehicles

Pandergast Symbol Pandergast Vehicles Pandergast Symbol Terrain
Blunder Bucket Icon Blunder Bucket

Racing Only

Sea Symbol
Clunker Icon Clunker

Racing Only

Land Symbol

Vehicles' SuperCharged Attributes



  • Buzz Wing - Orange windshield added on the front of the cockpit and the metal plate on the back
  • Clown Cruiser - Propellers added on the wings
  • Jet Stream - Reversed color schemes
  • Sky Slicer - Feather blades added on the back
  • Stealth Stinger - Blades stick out the front of the landing skids
  • Sun Runner - Crystals sticking out near the cockpit



  • Most of the new hats in SuperChargers are based off the vehicles.
  • All the land vehicles have wheels that can turn in their toy form.
  • The Hot Streak and Burn-Cycle are the only Vehicles with secondary abilities that boost up their speed, turning silver Gearbits gold within three seconds.
    • Coincidentally, both vehicles are of the Fire element.
  • The Shield Striker and Thump Truck are the only land vehicles that can't have their wheels changed through mods.
  • When the Splatter Splasher and Soda Skimmer submerge underwater, magical force field bubbles form around the Skylanders piloting them.
  • The Land, Sea and Sky terrain attributes that the Vehicles have are similar to the Elements Earth, Water and Air.
  • Land Vehicles are the most plentiful, while Sea Vehicles have the least amount of Vehicles.
  • Since the main game's starter pack provides the Hot Streak or the Barrel Blaster, a Land Vehicle is required to complete the game, while Sea and Sky Vehicles are optional. However, the Instant Hot Streak can be used instead of a vehicle figure.
    • For Racing, the starter pack instead includes Clown Cruiser, and Sky is the required terrain. Land and Sea races are playable using the Pandergast Vehicles.
  • The Barrel Blaster and Clown Cruiser are the only Vehicles with elements that don't match with their respective SuperChargers.
  • While some Skylanders made their vehicles on their own (Spitfire, Stormblade, etc.) most were constructed by Mags and designed by Sharpfin once the SuperChargers were recruited.
  • The Gold Rusher is the only Vehicle without any SuperCharged attributes.
  • Some non-Supercharger Skylanders have unique driving animations.
    • Trail Blazer drives with his mouth.
    • Blastermind drives telepathically.
    • Tread Head will get out of his vehicle to drive.
    • When Fright Rider drives, Fright will drive with his feet, with Rider still on him.
    • When Rocky Roll drives, Roll will sometimes go missing and will sometimes merge with Rocky.
  • In Skylanders Academy, the 4 vehicles used are the Stealth Stinger, Sun Runner, Tomb Buggy and Hot Streak.
    • Of them, the Stealth Stinger is the only one that is ever seen piloted by their associated driver from the games - in its case, Stealth Elf.
    • However, the vehicles' instruction manual depicts the Jet Stream, implying that the other vehicles might be elsewhere.
    • They all run on computer chips rather than Rift Engines, probably as a reference to the toys running on RFID chips.
  • The villain vehicles were unnamed in SuperChargers Racing. Because of that, the vehicle names of Dr. Krankcase, Gulper and Pain-Yatta are currently unknown.
  • Each Skylander vehicle has a total of twelve mods, including the horn sounds. However, in Racing, they only have four, corresponding to their full sets.
  • The vehicles are not compatible in the Nintendo Switch version of Imaginators, due to the removal of the racing mode within the other versions of the game.[1] However, they grant an Imaginite Chest upon being registered in the game.


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