Vehicle Mastery is a racing mode in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. During the event, the Skylanders must use their vehicle's speed-increasing ability through highlighted targets. Land Vehicles drift, Sea Vehicles perform stunts, and Sky Vehicles use the afterburner. Learning to use these abilities are a necessity in order to move ahead in races at higher difficulties.

Drift Mastery

“Now we see who has what is takes to truly be an elite racer! To win this mastery challenge, racers will need show off their awesome drifting skills!”

For drift mastery, racers must drift to earn points. A red boost is 100 points, a blue boost is 200 points, and a purple boost is 300 points. They can also drift inside the blue areas, which turn green when drifting, to slowly gain points.

Stunt Mastery

“This challenge tests which driver has the most style and hang-time! To win, racers must demonstrate their superior stunt skills!”

For stunt mastery, racers must perform stunts off of jumps to earn points. Ramps are added throughout the course to help out the racers. The number of points earned increase exponentially by performing multiple stunts in a single jump.

Afterburner Mastery

“Feel the need for speed? Then this challenge is for you! It's time for the racers to hone their afterburner skills!”

For afterburner mastery, racers will need to use their afterburners to gain points. Using the afterburners will give the racers points little by little. Using the afterburner through multiple rings in a row will give them increasingly more points ranging from 50 to 200. Just driving through the rings will trigger a buzzer which won't give you any points.

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