The Vault of the Ancients is a mystical stronghold where the Ancients locked away artifacts that were deemed too dangerous, though the Sky Eater's damage to Skylands has fractured its defenses and set free various dangerous creatures. The Watch Wraiths, creations of the Ancients, reside within and around the Vault to test the worth of those who wish to enter with the power of Push and Pull. The Skylanders go to the Vault of the Ancients to retrieve the Dark Rift Engine needed to stop The Darkness with the help of the last active Wraith, Pluck.


Chapter 41: Whispering Wilds

  • Find the Rift Engine
  • Restore Sentry Statues (Land Vehicle Dock)

Chapter 42: Riftward Road

  • Ring the Chimes (Sky Vehicle Dock)

Chapter 43: Slumbering Spires

  • Power the Core (Sea Vehicle Dock)



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