Vampires are an Undead species in the Skylanders series. With in many varying appearances, they are humanoids with the ability to drain life from others they bite with their large fangs. They also have the power to charm their foes, as well as possess other abilities. Most of them live in the Underworld.

Different Appearances

Three variations of Vampires are known. One has light-blue skin and their bodies from the waist below is made of mist; the second known is light purple skinned and lack pupils despite having irises; and the last has light green skin and yellow sclera, with or without pupils.

Known Vampires


  • Though all have prominent fangs, Night Shift is the only vampire Skylander to use his fangs in regular form.
  • Despite the fact that vampires are said to be vulnerable to sunlight in most real life folklore, the vampire Skylanders don't seem to be affected by it at all.
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