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  • Princess Nightmoon

    Cardbox template added, as requested by HauntedLorene.

    Example usage (template allows 1-3 cards)

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  • Princess Nightmoon

    UPDATE: Moved from Abilitiesbox (Imaginators) to Abilitiesbox/Imaginators, due to being a sub type of the main Abilitiesbox. Also upated all affected pages.

    UPDATE: Replaced old templates with a single new one: Abilitiesbox/Imaginators. I think it'll be more convenient with a single template than having multiple differently named ones.
    I updated the 4 pages (Fire, Life, Undead and Battle Classes) utilizing the old templates, before deleting them since they're now obsolete. The new Abilitiesbox variant has a few different display modes, determined by the 'type' tag.

    Mainly used as the template preview.

    Mainly for use on the Battle Classes page.

    Mainly for use on Element pages.

    Can be used temporarily if primaries are known, but secret techniques…

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