Hello, some of you may know me. I am Make3.0Shine. Over the last year, I had been coming up with my own Skylander theories. Some of these are clearly not true and out of fun and some are more like backstories, but I hope I can at least offer a bit of a different view on these Skylanders. I'm going to go in chronological order, starting with Spyro's Adventure and ending at Imaginators or any game to come after that. So, let's begin!

Theory 1: Spyro is Not The Original!

Something that has confused fans is the fact that the Spyro in Skylanders does not look like the original. Other than of course him being a purple dragon, not much of him is related to the originals. There are some references here and there, but those are few and in-between. So what if I told you that this is not the original Spyro? Here's a quick little backstory I made, just to show what I think DID happen.

"Spyro was a legendary dragon who hailed from a faraway land of dragons, far beyond Dragon's Peak or the Dragon's Temple. This eager, young dragon and his dragonfly Sparx would go on adventures to save the land and earn special gems. This led to tales of this hero that were writen in some Story Scrolls. Coincidentally, one wise Portal Master, Master Eon, heard of Spyro and figured that if he wanted to make an army of warriors to take on the Darkness, he would need heroic do-gooders like Spyro. Eon summoned a portal in Spyro's world so he would jump in. After encountering the wise man, the hero was conflicted on whether he wanted to join it or not, for the consequence of leaving his land to defend Skylands. Spyro agreed to this, said goodbye to his friends and set off. However, evil Portal Master Kaos captured Spyro, intent of making evil Skylanders by cloning him. However, Master Eon came just in time and disrupted the machine. But a clone still came out, but it looked different, A darker shade of purple, orange horns and wings and a different Dark form. During the battle with Kaos and Evil Spyro, Good Spyro managed to turn the other dragon good. Eon and the Spyros dived out of Kaos' Ship. Realising that this duty was too much for him, Original Spyro returned to his world, and the other Spyro went on to be Eon's prized pupil."

Oof, that took longer than expected.

First off, I know this sounds ridiculous, but can you number at least 5 similarities between both Spyros? Personally, I can't and I do have a few facts to prove this theory. 

1. The fact that Spyro does not have his original voice actor. You may be telling me that he might have been busy, but I did my research to find out that the one and only voice of Original Spyro does in fact voice two Skylanders: Hot Dog and Fiesta! Yes, they are actually voiced by Carlos Alazraqui himself, the first voice of Spyro in 1998. However, Josh Keaton, Matthew Mercer and Justin Long are the voices of Skylander Spyro. So they could clearly have gotten Carlos to voice Spyro again, but they didn't. Why? Because it's NOT the original. Why else do you think that they didn't get the original voice actor? Age? I don't think so.

2. He, along with Stealth Elf, are the only Skylanders to have 2 Dark Counterparts. Now, for Stealth Elf, I think to me it might be because either she has a dark past or she's in two starter packs. Now you could say there are two Dark Spyros is to show nostalgia, to appeal to classic Spyro fans. But I personally think this is a hint to Spyro's past; how he was made by Kaos as a twisted method of torture.

3. He seems to know Kaos. They always seem to argue, like a father and son would argue. Also, a minor fact that nobody seems to notice in Imaginators he says "Well, what do you know? It's Kaos." and "Ah, classic Kaos.". This is strange coming from the Skylander who is so aware of his surroundings, especially Kaos. You could say that it's because of the change of voice actor, but I think that Matthew Mercer would be trying to get his paycheck. Plus, you've got to think: Different voice actor, but same script. Unless Matthew Mercer is a new Harrison Ford and makes up lines, I think this shows how Spyro knows Kaos. Also it shows for Skylanders Academy, especially in the first episode. Is it canon? Yes, but in another timeline. Just because Eon found Spyro in the show doesn't mean he took him to the Academy.

But why didn't Activision come out and say it in the backstory. Well, it's plainly obvious. Spyro is an iconic video game legend who was loved by many adults growing up. Coming out and telling that this isn't the original would decrease the amount of fans. Activision is keeping this secret locked up pretty tight so it doesn't get out. But fortunately, they left enough hints to show us.

So, that was my first theory. Approximately an hour of work, but it was worth it. Now I know there are a lot of flaws with this theory, but maybe it's true. I mean, I still don't think it is the original.

Next theory: Double Trouble!

Goodbye and happy new year!

Theory 2: Double Trouble And Kaos!

Hi there! I'm back!

I don't even know if anyone even read the past theory, but if you did, welcome back! Please make sure to leave a comment saying if you agree or disagree with my theory. If you agree, that's great. I'm glad I offered a different perspective. If you disagree, that's great too. I would love to hear your thoughts down below and see why you disagree. If anyone has their own theories, post them in the comments and I'll give you a shout-out. But anyways, for the 1-2 people reading this, it's time for the theory!

So, does snyone remember Double Trouble? See, when I said I was going in chronological order, I wasn't lying. So I have a theory on Double Trouble that might at least make you remember Double Trouble a bit better, since we haven't had a repose since Giants. Fun Fact: Double Trouble was actually my favourite Magic element from Spyro's Adventure, closely followed by Spyro himself. But, here's a little theoretical story about Double Trouble and Kaos' possible secret bond.

"Double Trouble was once a very lonely sorcerer who sat in his cottage, practising his spells all day long. He had wished for some company every day, but it seemed like it would never come...until one day. Double Trouble opened his door to find a baby at his doorstep. Apon this surprising event, the tiki-masked individual didn't know what to do. But he decided to take care of the baby. However, a year later, a mysterious lady showed up, asking for the baby. Double Trouble was heartbroken when as soon as the woman touched the baby, he forgot everything and got a mark on his head. But Double Trouble never did forget..."

Okay, I made that one a bit shorter for you and for my fingers.

Sadly, this theory can't have much evidence because Double Trouble isn't as well 

known as Spyro, but I do have three interesting points I want to bring up:

1. The lack of Kaos' father. Yes, we obviously see Kaossandra but there is no father. 

2. The fact that in Skylanders: Giants, we see a photo of Kaos with another two parents. While you can say it was because of all the changes going on at the time, I'd like to disagree because of Activision.

3. Double Trouble's power. I mean, even his name. Just the fact that he creates mini versions of himself. How do you think he learned that? Simply because he and Kaos had such a strong bond, so he wanted more. 

Ladies and gentleman, dragons and sorcerers, that was my theory for today! Stick around for tomorrow, because Wrecking Ball's coming up!


Theory 3: Wrecking Ball is EVIL!

Welcome back to theory-land, where all the mediocre theories are made and where we are going to expose Wrecking Ball today!

Before I start, quick shout-out to Garfzilla. He has some amazing ideas for theories and some that I didn

't even think of before yesterday, so good job and there's your shout-out!

So, I'm going to tell the 100% truth here: Wrecking Ball was my least favourite Magic Skylander from Spyro's Adventure. I know, unpopular opinion, but other than his Soul Gem and the possible enjoyment of burping in your enemies' faces, I couldn't really find much to like other than that and his cuteness. But today, I am going to switch your point of view of Wrecking Ball because he's about to go from cute to mute. I actually don't know what that means, let's do this!

So, today, I have no theoretical story to tell, but I have something to tell: what if I told you Wrecking Ball was evil? Yes, it is quite a bold suggestion, but I'm determined to prove this one! So, strap in because Wrecking Ball is NOT what he claims to be.

I think something that's never explained is what happened to the wizard Wrecking Ball ate? Who is he? Where did this happen? When did this happen? What kind of magic stew makes grub worms grow 20 times larger? Well, I think Activision decided it was best to leave it, because who knows? Maybe the wizard didn't return. Maybe he swallowed the wizard whole and that was it.

Think about it. If it was a wizard we already know (Eon, Haldor, Kaos, Double Trouble, Golden Queen, etc.) they would have just told us. No, this was a wizard who is probably still in Wrecking Ball's stomach, and if he's not, he's rotted away in there.

Not to mention how he looks. His poses say it all, really. The first one is aggressive in the artwork, but the figure is trying to be cute. Then the second one the artwork and figure are both cute (even with giant teeth). So tell me, cute character or deception?

Also, something I didn't mention in my last theory is Royal Double Trouble. I want to mention now that I think Royal DT was supposed to represent what Double Trouble thought would happen. He would become royal and get moved up. Now, for Wrecking Ball, we have Buddy Wrecking Ball. Seems like a cute Lost Islands variant for Spring, right? WRONG! Look at the name. BUDDY Wrecking Ball. Buddy, another word for friend. You can trust friends. This isn't any Illuminati stuff, this is a message. It's Wrecking Ball trying to say he a good guy, except he's not. Sorry Wrecking Ball, we caught you, BUDDY.

So, how was it? This one took some time but goodbye now!

Don't forget to leave theories in the comments for a shout-out!

Theory 4: Voodood's Axe KILLED Bash's Parents!

Hi guys! Back here bright and early to serve you some vitamin theory! But before we get to the theory, I want to again shout-out Garfzilla. He has made a Hugo theory that definitely deserves to be here! I will put it here now:

"Okay, I will put my Hugo theory here. I know it's hard to believe, but Hugo has always been one of my favourite characters, and I always wondered... what is he doing during Giants, Swap Force, and Trap Team? Okay, I get he was in the citadel in the first two games I mentioned, but in trap team I got quite suspicious. He only appeared in the opening and ending cutscenes, so I wonder... what the heck was he doing all that time? Also, maybe, Hugo is not afraid of sheep! Ever thought of that? Maybe he's just acting like the mild-mannered assistant, while really, he was plotting to destroy the Skylanders from the inside! This is hardly possible, I know, but just think about it. What better guise for an evil mastermind who uses the strategic way? Hugo has definitely put up a convincing disguise, but now i'm onto him."

I don't know about you, but that's a pretty awesome theory! Good job Garfzilla! Now let's get to this theory!

So, this one is definitely a long-shot. I don't know even how I came up with this theory and how I'm going to prove it. I don't think I can convince you this theory is real as much as the other three but I can surely give it my best shot!

So...Voodood. One of the Forgotten 8 from Spyro's Adventure who came back as an Eon's Elite in Superchargers. But, that axe...where did that come from in the first place? We know it came from the Cave of Trials, but was someone really just standing in there, slaying a dragon? My theory for today is..that skull is one of Bash's parents. Why?

1. The horns kind of reminded me of something. I kept trying to figure it out until I got it: It was Bash's Series 2 horns! They do look similiar, so that could be him remembering his parents!

2. Bash always seemed to be alone in his backstory. Have you ever noticed that? You'd think his parents would be there to stop him rolling around, but no. They're dead.

Well, that's it. Only two reasons, but maybe I convinced someone. Thank you guys and I'll see you tomorrow!


Theory 5: Bash Is A Dinosaur!

Hello! It's theory time!

As my final shout-out to Garfzilla, here is a link to his new blog post:

Go check that out! Now, as I previously said, theory time!

So, imagine you came into Skylanders and the first Skylander you got was Bash. See, a lot of people also think Bash is a dinosaur and today I'm going to try and prove it. Now I know what you're thinking, in my last theory I proved that Voodood's axe killed Bash's parents and that they are dragons as it says in Voodood's backstory. If they were dragons, should that mean that Bash is a dragon too? Wrong. It is possible to have a child that is not the same as you. Either that or Bash was just adopted. Also, I won't try to find out who Bash's parents are. They're not Skylanders, since they're dead.

First off, there are lots of flaws in this theory and I don't have much evidence, but what kind of dragon looks like Bash? He certainly looks more like a dinosaur than he does a dragon:

1. His Soul Gem is him with TRICERATOPS armor. TRICERATOPS, not some sort of dragon armor, it's TRICERATOPS. Also, not to mention his resemblance to an Ankylosaurus.

2. If he's a rock dragon, then should his skin have already been as hard as rock? Why did he just earn it after rolling? Obviously he's a dino.

And don't worry, all you Bashwing shippers (if there is any out there). You can still always ship a dinosaur and a dragon.

But why didn't Activision say he was a dinosaur sooner? I think that probably had something to do with Dino-Rang. He's the Earth Dino, not Bash. Not to mention Slobber Tooth.

But, if you have any flaws to throw at me, please leave them in the comments. I would love trying to correct my theory. 

But, have a nice day! I know I will, I just got Chain Reaction!

Theory 6: Dino-Rang And Voodood Are The SAME!

Alrighty! It's time for another theory that's probably not true but might make the characters a bit more interesting!

Today, shout-out to EH28, who I've discovered has a great blog postwhere he posts HIS theories! Take a look:

I love how a lot of people are coming up with their own theories now, unique theories. Mine are mediocre at best but I'm glad I inspired you guys to make/upload your own theories. So thanks for that! Time for my theory!

This is definitely a stretch. I don't even know how I came up with this theory, but, hey, it could be true! My theory is that Dino-Rang is just a younger version of Voodood. Now, before you say I'm wrong because you can get them both to appear in the game at the same time, but I can mention that you can also do things like Spyro and Legendary Spyro, Terrafin and Series 2 Terrafin and Series 1 Gill Grunt and Series 1 Gill Grunt. So, appearing in the game at the same time is normal.

1. You never know the evolution of dinosaurs in Skylands. None of us who are reading this have lived with dinosaurs, right? Maybe the evolution is actually dinosaur to orc when they get older.

2. You might disagree with this theory because they are two different characters of two different elements. True, but I can tell you that with Toys To Life, that's fine for characters with completely different abilities to have completely different figures. Fun Fact: I love Disney Infinity. And Skylanders. Let's not turn the comments into a raging debate about what's better, But in Disney Infinity, they did this a lot. Sorcerer;s Apprentice Mickey Mouse and Mickey Mouse. Iron Man and Hulkbuster. Captain America and Captain America - The First Avenger. Spider-Man and Black Suit Spider-Man. Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader. So, as you can tell, they did this thing a lot, so Skylanders could do it too!

3. I don't know about you, but they have so many similarities! Take a look:

  • Same game they first appear in.
  • Similar backstory.
  • Eon's Elite in Superchargers.
  • Green skin.
  • Forgotten 8.

You can see the similarities!

Well, that's it for today! One of my most mediocre theories. It's funny how the first three were actually plausible but they've turned mediocre.

Goodbye! And don't forget to leave your thoughts, theories or theory thoughts in the comments! 

Theory 7: Prism Break's Crystals Came From Flashwing!

Ladies and gentleman, dragons and grub worms, orcs, dinosaurs and rock golems alike: Welcome to my Theory 7.

Although I have no shout out today I want to address how because of us, we have made about 3 blog posts on this here Wiki and have helped eachother out by suggesting our own theories, encouring each other in the comments and thanking each other, which is what I want to do. So, please, if you would like to be part of this, please post a comment with a theory down below. I don't like to say that it was because of me that this whole theory trend started because it was all of us. We all did this together and now we can get even more people in. But, I guess what you were all here for...the theory!

Okay, this one's a bit of a longshot, but what if Prism Break got his crystals from Flashwing? Or, more specifically, JADE Flashwing? I mean, is it really that hard to believe? Maybe, coincidentally, Flashwing landed on top of Prism Break's cave. But, that may leave a few question, like:

1. If that's really true, then how does Prism Break have yellow and red crystals too?

2. Wouldn't it be too much of a coincidence for Flashwing to have given another Skylander powers?

3. Why doesn't everything else turn into crystals?

Well, you got questions, I got answers because that's how questions work:

1. Well, I have a feeling that if this was a sensational power, I have a feeling the Academy probably started making some more powerful crystals for Prism Break and Flashwing.

2. Well, we're talking about Skylanders, so the answer is no.

3. Because Prism Break is a rock golem. Also, I doubt that if he was in a cave-in for 1000 years, the crystals still wouldn't give him the power to shoot lasers out of them. However, Flashwings crystals can shoot lasers out of them when she needs to.

So, that's all I have for today! Thank you guys and don't forget to leave theories in the comments for a shout-out!


Theory 8: Terrafin is A Whale!

Okay, this theory is just all over the place. So I'm telling you this is the most mediocre theory I'm going to write, but what if Terrafin was a whale instead of a dirt shark? Let's look at the facts:

1. Unlike ALL dirt sharks, he has no tail. That seems kind of fishy. Get it? It's a pun.

2. His backstory just doesn't add up. II think this is the rest of the story. Yes, that's right, the return of the theoretical stories:

"Terrafin was once a proud whale, but one day, something terrible happened. His hole got clogged with earth so he looked like a shark. Also, he grew teeth like a shark."

That was so short, I am sorry, but I'm doubting this theory as much as you are right now. Except I can't be, because I'm trying to prove the theory to you.

3. There was some concept art on Terrafin and what did he look like: He was small and blue, as if he was a Water Element.

Well, that was my theory. Sorry it was so short today, I just have no more evidence. We don't know though; maybe Terrafin is a whale.

Theory 9: Slam Bam and The History of Skylands!

Hey guys, if there even is anyone reading this?

Seriously, how did I get this low? Sorry, had to get it off my chest, even though you probably don't give a flying pig what I'm talking about. If you do, that's great. Leave a comment to support. If you DON'T, just click off and go do something else.

Well, time for the theory and stuff...

So, I was planning for this to be a Slam Bam theory, but I couldn't really find anything. So, I'll just suggest a theoretical story about the history of Skylands. So, sit back and enjoy. Or don't!

"Back then, there used to be another Earth. This Earth only had a few humans, but the rest were mystical creatures. Dragons, yetis, dinosaurs, you name it! There were two humans that were at war: Master Eon and Kaos. This would sadly eventually destroy all of Earth, making it into little islands. They called it Skylands. The war continued while they built another Earth."

Well, there you go.

Evidence points:

1. The fact how Eon just sends Skylanders to Earth now. With Spyro's Adventure, it was the Core of Light. In Giants, it was the Fist of Arkus. In Swap Force, it was Mount Cloudbreak. In Trap Team, it was Kaos' explosion. But what about in Superchargers and Imaginators?

2. The fact how there are just floating islands. Wouldn't that be strange?

3. I know, I know. Apparently, the Ancients made Skylands. But are you sure about that? Maybe they made EARTH, and that turned into Skylands.

That was it!


Theory 10: Zap is A Lightning Dragon!

Why hello there, my readers! I am proud to present the 10th theory!

Thank you everyone for this. It's been a true team effort from the start, so it would only be appropriate for some shout-outs! Maybe on Theory 20, more people would have seen this!

  1. Garfzilla
  2. EH28
  3. TechSkylander1518

So, that's it. It's only 3 people, but we truly have inspired a new trend on this Wiki: theorising! Time for the tenth theory!

So, something that has confused me for some time is how can Zap just gain electric powers just from his childhood with eels? I mean, sure, I can believe swimming, but new powers? I'm not believing a word of that, and today, I'm getting to the bottom of it!

So first off, Zap is blue. Blue can also mean air element.  Also, I can mention that Zap does NOT have to have wings to be part of the air element. There are other dragons with no wings, like Camo and Echo. Bash no longer counts because in Theory 5, we confirmed he's a dinosaur, so he's not a dragon.

I don't have much evidence except for this:

Why do you think Zap is a Water Skylander? Year of the Dragon? Not a chance.

It's simply because he did grow up with eels.

However, it is weird he got powers from them.

Well that's it. Thank you all for 10 theories. It's not a lot, but it's what we've accomplished that counts.

Goodbye and see you on Theory 11 for a Wham-Shell/Tri-Tip theory!

Theory 11: Wham-Shell is Tri-Tip!

Hi there guys!

And now it's time for another theory that I'm sure you guys will rip to flipping shreds! Geez, most of my theories are being disproven in the comments right now. Not that I have a problem with it. As long as you have a good argument, I'll take any comment. But I'm making this theory as unshredable as possible! Is that a word?

So, my theory is that Wham-Shell is Tri-Tip. I know, sounds like a very shredable theory, doesn't it? WRONG!!! I will do what I must to make this theory SHRED-PROOF!

1. What do you think is under that shell? It surely can't just be blackness. I think someone is obviosly in the shell. Who? Tri-Tip of course! Wake up! 

2. Crustacean...what is that creature? See, when I hear that word, it makes me think of someone who comes from the sea. And in Skylands, that could be anyone...including Tri-Tip.

3. They both use maces. They are both the only ones who use maces. That is very important!

4. Fun fact: they both have dashes in their names. Sorry, that was just a fun one. Shred that one to pieces.

5. One of Tri-Tip's attacks is called Summon Fossil Traps. And? I have some dark evidence: could this be the dead residents of Wham-Shell's city?

Okay, time to Shredproof this baby up!

1. This theory can't be true because their eye colour is different!

True, but before I give the answer, I'm going to say that this is a very similiar theory to another theory I did a while back; Dino-Rang and Voodood are the same. And boy, howdy, did you guys rip that one apart. Although I said that their eye colours did match, which they do, I think this here might be because of the element switches. Wham-Shell has blue eyes to represent Water while Tri-Tip has yellow-brownish eyes to represent Earth.

2. This theory can't be true because Tri-Tip's horns couldn't fit in that tiny shell!

True, but in Imaginators, Tri-Tip's horns appear as an Imaginators headgear piece. Why do I mention this? This implies that Tri-Tip can take it off.

3. This theory can't be true because the maces are different!

Imagine if you were Tri-Tip and you cover was blown as Wham-Shell. So you go to become a new Skylander, a Sensei to be more exact, with different element, different appearance and different mace. Then nobody would know it was you.

So, that was it. I made this theory as unshredable as possible! However, I know that you guys will still shred this theory to pieces, so have some fun! Suggest some theories if you want to. And don't forget, this is all just fun and games. I'm not telling people not to disprove my theory, it was just me having a joke. 

See all you lovely peeps tomorrow for my Gill Grunt theory!

Theory 12: Gill Grunt's Lack of Legendary!

Hello. Theory. Do. This.

After the last theory, as I suspected, it was totally UNSHREDABLE! HA! Nobody could come up with enough evidence to shred it. Well...actually...nobody tried. BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO AFRAID! On a serious note, thank you guys for shredding all my theories down below. I say all you "guys", as in plural, but it's really just one person.

So, what are we talking about today? We're talking about why Gill Grunt didn't get a legendary in Spyro's Adventure, Giants, Swap Force, Trap Team or Superchargers. Seriously. As the ONLY Skylander to have appeared in those five games, over all that time and nobody considered a Legendary? Being in every game is pretty legendary. So, me being me, I had to get to the bottom of it.

This will be a shorter theory, but I think that the reason he didn't get a legendary is because of Bash. Bash stole his Legendary. Why? Well, this:

What if the reason was because of Blue Bash and Green Gill Grunt? Wow, they're all alliteration. That can't be a coincidence! This might also explain Red Drill Sergeant...


Well, thank you all for listening. This was a shorter theory, but I hope it was fine none the less.


Theory 13: Ignitor is Blobbers!

Hi peeps!

So today, I want to give a shout-out to DarkHenrik. Also, in the comments, I'm realising a lot of people saying to stop arguing. I want to clarify one thing and one thing only: this is NOT arguing. This is simply a nice debate. We're not insulting each other, it's just fun and games.

So today, I have a theory that some of you may have seen a bit in EH28's blog post comments, but I think Ignitor is Blobbers. I know it sounds like the most bizarre theory you have ever heard, but believe me, I will prove it!

"Once there was a young Mabu named Blobbers. Although he was the damsel in distress on the outside, on the inside, he was a great warrior. One day, in the Tower of Time, Blobbers encountered a witch who turned him into a fire spirit. However, the clone of Blobbers managed to escape back to Skylands. Now, he appeared everywhere in order to try and become braver and find Ignitor."

How's that? Is that good?

So, I know this sounds bonkers, but I ask, why do you think Blobbers is everywhere. My friend EH28 said that he was evil, which makes perfect sense, but I can't use that. So, maybe Blobbers was trying to find his clone (or father, if you would prefer). When you put it like that, it starts making A LOT more sense why he's everywhere.

Also, notice how in the first level of Spyro's Adventure, Shattered Island, he's the only Mabu who has so no sort of hat. It's peculiar, right?

My third and final piece of evidence is that obviously the witch must be Kaos' Mom. Which game does she star in? Skylanders Swap Force, the same game that the Tower of Time appeared. It's not a coincidence, it's the same setting where the tragedy of Blobbers the Mabu took place.

Well, that was it. Thanks everyone and I'll see you tomorrow for a Sunburn/Persephone theory.

Goodbye! And remember it is all fun and games. No arguing!

Theory 14: Sunburn and Wham-Shell's Crowns Were Stolen by Persephone!

Hi there!

Before I start, I want to say that I have started a new blog post. It's a pretty nice idea where I put Imaginators and give you the chance to suggest names for them, so go check it out!

So, this theory is kind of a Sunburn theory, but mostly a Persephone theory. I have a question: if Sunburn and Wham-Shell (or Tri-Tip) are kings, then where are their crowns? Well, my theory is going to give you some second thoughts about the fairy we know as Persephone.

My theory is that Persephone is evil and has taken Sunburn and Tri-Tip's - I'm sorry, I mean Wham-Shell's - crowns. Why? Something that I have wondered is where do all the collectibles come from? You know, the Story Scrolls, Soul Gems, Legendary Treasures and, especially, the Treasure Chests. This isn't there just out of nowhere, and I think I figured out who put all the chests in the levels: Persephone.

Now, I know what you're thinking: if Persephone was evil, then why would she put money everywhere? Well, maybe it has something to do with who she's working for...maybe someone who likes treasure...have you figured it out? No?!


Every time you make an upgrade, you're just feeding the Golden Queen further. For all this time, we thought Persephone was helping us; making us stronger. But, the plot of every game is that while you were upgrading, it was justing giving the Golden Queen more power for the battle in Trap Team.

Something I didn't mention is two things:

1. In one of Dreamcatcher's lines, she mentions beig friends with Persephone in her past. That could have been a motivation for her to become evil. Also, all the villains saying things about her, like Hood Sickle wondering if she would consider a date with him, could also be a reference to her being evil.

2. In Spyro's Adventure, Giants and Trap Team, she looked a bit weird, kinda evilish. However, in Imaginators, she looks a bit nicer and different. Could that be because the Golden Queen returned as a good Sensei?

3. A lot of people are going to disagree because if Persephone was evil, then wouldn't her Mirror of Mystery counterpart be good? Well, don't forget Persephone pretends to be good. Maybe in the Mirror of Mystery, she pretends to be bad.

Also, what do you sometimes find in Treasure Chests and piles of money. Crowns.

So, there you go!

See you tomorrow for my sub-par Flameslinger theory and also, go check out my other blog!

Bye-bye now! And remember, that's just a theory: A Shredable Theory!

Theory 15: Flameslinger is Robin Hood!

Hello there, guys!

If there is anyone out there. JEEZ! Maybe (or probably) you're not reading this on the 15th January of 2017, but it has been a slow day. I've been trying to make attention to my new blog post, yet nobody went. I don't know if everyone got killed or something, but I hope you're at least a ghost and you can see this! So, let's get right into this shizam!

So, this will be a shorter theory like my Gill Grunt theory if you can remember even though you're dead, but what if Flameslinger was Robin Hood? Here's some evidence:

1. It's obvious that Flameslinger is Skylands' Robin Hood. Why? Well, you see, I'm not gonna say that Flameslinger actually existed. He's a video game character who's soul is trapped in a real life toy and that is as far as I go. I'm gonna go around and try to prove that Terrafin exists and steals your money every night. Except you have no money because you're dead.

2. This isn't far off from how we've seen Robin Hood before. We've seen him as a fox. A FOX. So why not as an elf? Is that too far off?

3. His story pretty much matches up with Robin Hood's.

So, that was my short theory. And don't forget, if you are alive, which I doubt it, make sure to check out my new blog post. I have some Imaginators that need naming and it has come to the point where I'll have to ask my parents, so please, hop over to the blog post and check it out.

See you later, Shredinator!

Theory 16: Eruptor is an Ancient!

Hi there! Hopefully, the Grim Creeper has seen faith in you and has bought you back alive!

So, I have an announcement, and I'm talking as if you give a flying pig about what I'm talking about: we are halfway through this blog post! YEAH! So, if you haven't guessed, I will stop at the 32nd theory and make another blog post. So, happy half-anniversary to us! It's not just me. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one reading this, but maybe, just maybe, someone is here reading it too. Make sure to tell me in the comments! 

Anyways, time for the theory!

So, what if Eruptor was an ancient? I know you probably want to click off now, but think about you really think that he's just a goofy side character? Here's my evidence:

1. One of the things I want to discuss is his variant: Volcanic Eruptor. Everyone sees it as he's from a volcano, but could that be a reference to Mount Cloudbreak?

2. His armor in looks familiar...need a little help there? Ignitor. The color just adds up.

3. Something peculiar about him is a power that he has:

1. In Imaginators, he drinks some of the Mushroom River and doesn't explode. It's weird.

2. In Academy, he explodes from some chilli, yet is still fine.

IS ERUPTOR UNKILLABLE?! just like an ancient would.

See you next time.

Also, this is a NON-SHREDABLE THEORY!!! That seems to work as nobody has tried to shred my Wham-Shell theory yet...

Theory 17: Boomer is Glumshanks' Father!

Yo yo! It's me, Make3.0Shine,back for another theory!

Also, quick shout-out to The Non-Zomboss, as he posted Blades and Air Strike speculation down in the comments!

So, today, I'm kind of borrowing an idea from EH28, but not exactly. See, what if Glumshanks was Boomer's child? Think about it...maybe Boomer is evil and is just trying to become a Skylander to spy on them, while Glumshanks is Kaos' right-hand man,

What if Boomer got married to Master Cami Flage? I mean, does Glumshanks look much like a troll?

1. It explains why Glumshanks has an odd body shape, as he was born from a troll and an elf.

2. It explains why he's Kaos' right-hand man. I mean, I'm pretty sure that if Boomer wasn't his father, Kaos would have fired him by now.

3. They're trolls, so being evil isn't a stretch.

Thank you guys! I've made these a bit shorter because I'm not 100% sure if people are even reading this.


By the way, I'm taking a break. There are no comments disprovinbg my theories, so a break.

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