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    Although Brain is the only known ancient, I have come to conclusion that Shroomboom and Rocky Roll were the ones who created the universe in the first place. This is shown by how Skylanders keeps using them when they know that the fandom doesn't really like them. Why would Rocky Roll have an Awakened form? He's more than he seems.

    For this timeline, I shall be calling them Ultimate Overlord Shroomboom of Supreme Awesomeness and Ultra Emperor Rocky Roll of Total Greatness. This is because the Brain is shown to like using big words, so if he created Shroomboom and Rocky Roll, it's only fair for them to have a giant title.

    Ultimate Overlord Shroomboom of Supreme Awesomeness and Ultra Emperor Rocky Roll of Total Greatness created the whole unive…

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    Hey guys, it's me again, Make3.0Shine!

    So you may be asking why am I making another theory blog? Well, I'll give it to you plain and simple; the theories on there were garbage. Maybe the Spyro one was alright, but after taking a long break from that, I've decided to do actual theories! These ones will have evidence backing up my claims, and it could change your view on a few Skylanders characters.

    Without further ado, let's get started!

    So, of course, we all know the Skylanders. The Skylanders are, of course, the playable protagonists in the game. Or...should I say antagonists?

    You heard me right...I'm saying the Skylanders aren't as good as the game gets you to believe. In fact, they're just as evil, if not MORE evil, than Kaos, the Darkness …

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    My Imaginators

    March 3, 2018 by Make3.0Shine

    • Strength: 97
    • Defense: 83
    • Agility: 53
    • Luck: 27


    • Head: Rex
    • Eyes: Pupil
    • Ears: Antenna Ears
    • Chest: Rhino Torso
    • Arms: Shell Arms
    • Legs: Sheep Legs
    • Tail: Leaf Tail


    • Weapon: Hammer Club


    • Headgear: Bonier-Tail
    • Shoulder Guards: Ol' Faithful Pauldrons
    • Arm Guards: Eyeballs Arm Armor
    • Leg Guards: Arrow Greaves
    • Backpack: Skelesaurus Spine


    • Height: 8
    • Head: 3
    • Upper Body: 6
    • Muscles: 2
    • Tail Width: 4
    • Lower Body: 3

    Overall Theme:

    • Main: Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Peach, Greeny Blue, Green
    • Eyes: Dark Green, Green
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    Name the Imaginator!

    January 14, 2017 by Make3.0Shine

    Hi there guys!

    You may know me, Make3.0Shine, from my evergrowing blog post about my theories of Skylanders. Well, while that's going on, here's a new blog post!

    So, here's the deal: I make an Imaginator and every week I will see what name has won! You guys get to name the Imaginators. Now, if you want me to put an Imaginator on here for you, I can! I don't want this to be all about me! So, let's get to it!

    Remember to suggest names in the comments!

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  • Make3.0Shine

    Hello, some of you may know me. I am Make3.0Shine. Over the last year, I had been coming up with my own Skylander theories. Some of these are clearly not true and out of fun and some are more like backstories, but I hope I can at least offer a bit of a different view on these Skylanders. I'm going to go in chronological order, starting with Spyro's Adventure and ending at Imaginators or any game to come after that. So, let's begin!

    Something that has confused fans is the fact that the Spyro in Skylanders does not look like the original. Other than of course him being a purple dragon, not much of him is related to the originals. There are some references here and there, but those are few and in-between. So what if I told you that this is not…

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