Hoopblub Hoopblub 11 November 2012

Skylanders: Giants Conqueror: This Week's Contestants Are...

Stump Smash and Pop Fizz! HotHead42's comment made me think about a strong Series 1 character versus a strong, slightly annoying, Series 2 character. The two just seemed to match. So now, when I battle with Stump Smash and Pop Fizz, you need to tell me the arena and who you think will win. Click HERE to see the arenas I have. I am going to say which paths I have taken for the contestants. So here goes.

Pop Fizz- Mad Scientist

Stump Smash- Nut Crafter

I honestly think Pop Fizz will win because of his advanced upgrades. Now who do you people think will win?

Hoopblub (talk) 03:24, November 11, 2012 (UTC)

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Hoopblub Hoopblub 11 November 2012

Skylanders: Giants Arenas Owned

Here is the list of Skylanders: Giants arenas I have, consulting Skylanders: Giants Conqueror.

-Docks of Doom

-Frost Fight

-Ultimate Wheel of Power

-Wheel of Power

-Sunrise Towers

-Lockdown Islands

-The Necropolis

-Isicle Isle

-Cube Dungeon

-Pirate Grotto

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Hoopblub Hoopblub 3 November 2012

Skylanders: Giants Conqueror: Beginning Announcement

Okay people, last night I had the perfect idea that involes not only me, but you people who choose to be involed. So here is the deal, I rev up my Wii and make two Skylanders fight, but I don't choose how fights... you have to. So in this blog post PLEASE (Yes, I put the "please" on the spot) post who you think should fight together or else this really isn't going to work out. So put in your chosen Skylanders, and to see the avalible options, please click HERE to see what Skylanders I have. Now I will make these blog posts every three days saying either (1). Announcing who was chosen to fight in the arenas+ asking who do you think will win and (2). To tell you who won+ a video of what went down+ asking what Skylanders should fight next time. S…

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Hoopblub Hoopblub 18 October 2012

Skylanders: Giants is Going to be Awesome

Hello once again fellow Skylanders: Giants fans! Now, I am really excited about Skylanders: Giants, and I can't wait until it comes out (this only applies to fellow Americans) this Sunday! I don't have any school for 4 days including Thursday and Friday, so I don't want to wait that long. But, hey, I guess waiting will be worth it. I am getting my Skylanders: Giants Portal Owners Pack from GameStop along with the 3-pack with Series 2 Chop Chop and Shroomboom. Where are you getting your Skylanders: Giants from, what else did or will you get with it?

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Hoopblub Hoopblub 7 October 2012

Favorite New Legendary

Who is your favorite new legendary?

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