• DemonicBeast

    Okay, although we all know these leaks, we can still investigate more closely and predict on species, vehicles, and more.

    Today, we'll do Thrillipede.

    If we look very close at Thrillipede, we can see he has antennae and six appendages. He may be some sort of insect, although his name (obviously based on "millipede") can suggest him being a myriapod. Hovever, what I will discuss next might change your thoughts about Thrillipede as this species.

    Just by looking at the name, you can tell that the Buzz Wing has wings. Which only insects have, and myriapods don't. However, Thrillipede doesn't seem to have any wings. This could still mean his species is up for debate, but we don't know for sure.

    Next, I think we'll be doing Astroblast and the Sun Ru…

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  • DemonicBeast

    I have some new leaks of the design and appearance all of the new character Superchargers (with the exception of Smash It, as we have no leaks yet) currently without missing artwork.

    This is a leak of Nightfall's appearance.

    She looks sort of like a darkness-based being with a scythe and snake-looking hair, like that of a gorgon.

    Personally, I have no idea on what her species could be.

    Thrillipede looks like this in toy form.

    He looks like some sort of insect, or probably a myriapod, as his name is a play on "millipede", which is a myriapod.

    This is Astroblast's toy form.

    Honestly, to me he looks like a a humanoid star or a being composed of light in shining armor.

    This is the leak for Splat's toy form.

    She looks like a purple-skinned elf with pink…

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  • DemonicBeast

    Just some fake catchphrases for the SuperChargers.

    Thrillipede: "Don't Bug Me!"

    Donkey Kong "Go Ape!"

    Bowser: "Smash And Burn!"

    Astroblast: "Spaced Out!"

    High Volt: "Shock On!"

    Splat: "Paint the Town!"

    Smash Hit: "You're In Big Rubble!"

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