About me

My name is Semi-AutomaticAwesome57, Auro Ruchaganis XVI, Auro, or SemiAuto. I have 20 Skylanders, Spyro, Gill Grunt, Trigger Happy, Hex, Stealth Elf, Sonic Boom, Wrecking Ball, Stump Smash, Flameslinger, Voodood, Whirlwind, Terrafin, Drobot, Dino-Rang, S2 Cynder, S2 Chop Chop, Hot Dog, Chill, Tree Rex, Swarm, Granite Crusher, Shroomboom, Sprocket, Blast Zone, Wash Buckler, Hoot Loop, Rattle Shake, Lightcore Star Strike, and S3 Stealth Elf. I have loved Skylanders since it came out and I am so glad to have joined this wiki.

My YouTube: The Wither Spartan

So until next time, see ya!

Kaos Rising

Next up is Awakening: Chapter 5: Grosh Pit. And apparently there is no more fanfiction is this here wiki, so I'll be sure to try and get a fanfiction.net account.

Who's that Skylander?

Episode 4 will be posted this weekend. The delay is apoligized for.

My Bros:

REALNerfNinja6: I know about the whole sexist infinite block thing, but before that incident he was a great guy. We fought the fake sidekick war against Moshlings when I first joined, and he's kind of like my mentor on this wiki.\

Wikimaster S: I'm all good, if you would like to see my links, go to my page.

My Anti-Bros:

Moshlings2002: Read above.

Biospark22: This guy. This copying little @$$hole.

The Neutral Category

Archrith: I had an all out WAR with this guy over my fanfiction (which no longer exists), which resulted in a truce not to hate each other.

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