aka Star

  • I live in Star Island, 92-469, Avocado Isles, Apple Juice Ocean
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is fan of 20+ things, semi-active member of several websites
  • I am playing Tomodachi Life
  • Bio Hi, I'm Star the Triple Devil. I want to change my bio to something but idk what.
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I'm Star and I'm a fan of many things, including Skylanders.

I'm mostly familiar with content related to the console versions of Swap Force and before, Lost Islands and the show Skylanders Academy.

My favorite Skylanders of each element

As you can see, I'm mostly a fan of female and dragon Skylanders, but I like or am neutral about all Skylanders.

Skylanders games I have

* means that I haven't actually played the game yet


I have also watched the first 2 seasons of Skylanders Academy on Netflix.

TheLuckOfTheClaw on YouTube

TheLuckOfTheClaw's YouTube channel's most watched video is called "Skylanders with different songs part 1" (it has more views than all other videos combined). Note: The channel contains outdated information.

I'm also planning to play the entire Skylanders series in 2018 (maybe live stream if I can).

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