aka Marci

  • I live in Geseke
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is Fachlagerist
  • I am Männlich




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About Me
Name: Marcel
Gender Male
Birthday/Age: 23.05.1996/18
Profession: Vocational Student
Domicile: Geseke (Germany)
Hobbies: playen, collect trophies and meet friends
Favourite Games: Grand Theft Auto V, Skylanders: Swap Force, Minecraft
Favourite Skylanders: Stealth Elf, Stink Bomb, Spyro, Ninjini, Fire Kraken, Flashwing, Hot Dog, Smolderdash, Bumble Blast
Slider Swap Force

Hauptseite Ninja Stealth Elf

How I came up with the user name "GTA SA FAN"?
In 2009, I had no PS3, only a PSP and a PS2. It was also Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA SA briefly) my favorite game, so I came up with my user name.

I currently own a GameBoy Advance SP, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP and PS VITA.
If you want you can adden me on PSN, my PSN ID is "marcelreise11".

German Skylanders Wiki: Skylanders Wiki

My Skylanders Progress
Hauptseite Spyro
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure I own since 11 November 2011 for the PS3.
On 5 October 2012, I have Skylanders: Giants I pre-ordered for the PS3. On October 23, 2012 There came then at last.
On August 12, 2013 I have Skylanders: Swap Force at GameStop for the PS3 pre-ordered and collected on 19 October 2013. Since June 18, 2014 I own SWAP FORCE for PS4.
On July 22, 2014 I never imagined the Skylanders: Trap Team Dark Edition at pre-order for the PS4. :)
Game Difficulty Chapter Game Finish Portalmasterrank Trophies
Spyro's Adventure (PS3) / 22/22 42% / 100% (38/38
Giants (PS3) Hard 16/16 62% / 100% (46/46)
Nightmare 33%
Swap Force (PS3) Hard/Nightmare 17/17 78% 60 100% (40/40)
Swap Force (PS4) Hard/Nightmare 17/17 66% 49 100% (40/40)
Trap Team (PS4) Hard
My Traps
Hauptseite Wash Buckler
Number Element Trap Type
My Skylanders
Hauptseite Tree Rex
Currently I own 67 Skylander, of the 67 Skylanders are from 9 Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, 18 from Skylanders: Giants and 40 from Skylanders: Swap Force. :D
Skylander Base Element Stage Improvements
Spyro Green Magic 20 All
Trigger Happy Green Tech 14 All
Gill Grunt Green Water 11 All
Eruptor Green Fire 10 All
Terrafin Green Earth 7 All
Ghost Roaster Green Undead 6 All
Slam Bam Green Water 6
Sunburn Green Fire 9
Dino-Rang Green Eearth 12
Tree Rex Orange Life 9 All
Cynder Orange Undead 20 All
Jet-Vac Orange Air 10 All
Stealth Elf Orange Life 20 All
Crusher Orange Earth 3
Thumpback Orange Water 8
Bouncer Orange Tech 3
Eye-Brawl Orange Undead 7
Swarm Orange Air 3
Ninjini Orange Magic 11
Hot Head Orange Fire 4
Pumpkin Eye Brawl Orange Undead 8
LightCore Hex Orange Undead 20 All
Shroomboom Orange Life 7
Hot Dog Orange Fire 12
Zap Orange Water 11
Stump Smash Orange Life 8
Glow in the Dark Fright Rider Orange Undead 7
Ninja Stealth Elf Blue Life 20 All
Wash Buckler Blue Water 8
Blast Zone Blue Fire 6
Magna Charge Blue Tech 20 All
Free Ranger Blue Air 8
Hoot Loop Blue Magic 5
Rattle Shake Blue Undead 15
Grilla Drilla Blue Life 6
Boom Jet Blue Air 6
Fire Kraken Blue Fire 19 All
Night Shift Blue Undaed 15
Pop Thorn Blue Air 20 All
Jolly Bumble Blast Blue Life 20 All
Super Gulp Pop Fizz Blue Magic 20 All
Rubble Rouser Blue Earth 7
Spy Rise Blue Tech 8
Wind-Up Blue Tech 11
Hyper Beam Prism Break Blue Earth 5
Grim Creeper Blue Undead 5
Thorn Horn Camo Blue Life 13
Stink Bomb Blue Life 12
Slobber Tooth Blue Earth 5
LightCore Grim Creeper Blue Undead 6
LightCore Star Strike Blue Magic 11 All
Legendary Zoo Lou Blue Life 10
Nitro Freeze Blade Blue Water 10
Trap Shadow Blue Magic 10
Fryno Blue Fire 8
Punk Shock Blue Water 7
Springtime Trigger Happy Blue Tech 15
LightCore Flashwing Blue Eart 20 All
LightCore Smolderdash Blue Fire 13 All
Scorp Blue Earth 14
Scratch Blue Air 11
Blizzard Chill Blue Water 9
Knockout Terrafin Blue Earth 6
Bumble Blast Blue Life 20 Alle
Kickoff Countdown Blue Tech 12
Doom Stone Blue Earth 8
Rip Tide Blue Water 7
  • Skylander = Normal Figure
  • Skylander = LightCore Figure
  • Skylander = Special Figure
Hauptseite Firekraken
Of the accessories I own 5 Sidekicks, 6 Adventure Packs and 4 Battle Packs.
Level Magic Items Zusatz
Pirate Seas Ghost Swords RFID Card
Hidden Treasure Trigger Snappy
Empire of Ice Sky-Iron Shield Mini-Jini
Anvil Rain Eye-Small
Dragon's Peak Sparx Dragonfly Barkley
Winged Boots Thumpling
Darklight Crypt Time Twister
Healing Elixir
Tower of Time Battle Hammer
Sky Diamond
Sheep Wreck Island Platinum Sheep
Groove Machine
Battle Items Extras
Arkeyan Crossbow Pre-Order Poster of Skylanders SWAP Force
Scorpion Striker Gamescom 2013 Ninja Stealth Elf T-Shirt
Dragonfire Cannon ComputerBild Spiele Sonderheft - Skylanders SWAP Force 1/2013
Fiery Forge Skylanders SWAP Force Binder & Collectibles-Guide
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