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All of my Skylanders

  • S1 Dino-rang
  • S2 Drill Sergeant
  • S2 Cynder
  • S2 Sonic Boom
  • S3 Stealth Elf
  • S3 Terrafin
  • Gnarly Tree Rex
  • Dark Snap Shot
  • Dark Food Fight
  • Dark Wildfire
  • Hoot Loop
  • Trap Shadow
  • Wash Buckler
  • Blast Zone
  • Rattle Shake
  • LC Drobot
  • LC Starstrike
  • LC Countdown
  • LC Wham-shell
  • Jawbreaker

My Favourite...

Skylander (Core):



Swap Force Skylander:

Doom Stone

Swap Force Combination:

Spy Stone

Trap Master:




Skylander Game:

Skylanders: Giants

Glitches I Found In

Skylanders: Giants

Moonwalking Dino-rang

1) Boomerang Finese Upgrade Required

2) Go to a wall and hold Attack One.

3) As long as you hold Attack One, you can moonwalk in any direction.

The Running Dead

1) Go to any Heroic Challenge with mines. (Stealth Elf's is recommended)

2) When having less than 40 HP, run into a mine.

3) If done correctly, your Skylander should be running in place. (If done very well, they run twice the speed).

Skylanders: Swap Force

Weird Camera

1) Go to the Life-Air Gate in the Winter's Keep with two players.

2) Both players must complete the gate, BUT do not return to the gate via the mushroom. INSTEAD, walk back to the gate.

3) After exiting, the camera while be only facing you at one angle.

Wash Shadow's Invisi-sword

1) Wash Shadow Required.

2) Complete Twisty Tunnel's SNEAK ZONE.

3) Wash Shadow's Sword is now invisible.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Moonwalking Dinorang

Difficulty Rating 1/5

1) See above

Sheep Creep's Giant Hats

Difficulty Rating 1/5

1) Go to Sheep Creep's Hats

2) Select any.

3) Sheep Creep's Hat is now twice as large.

4) This glitch was found on both Wii version and Tablet version.

Weird Camera

Difficulty Rating 1/5 (Eggsecutioners) 2/5 (Shred-naught)

1) Glitch requires Drill Sergeant with Drill Rocket Upgrade Path.

2) Just when you are about to enter the Eggsecutioners Cutscene or Shred-naught's Cutscene fire a Drill Rocket.

3) If a small rocket hits them the camera will glitch. The camera returns to normal after the cutscene.

Infinite Villain

Difficulty Rating 1/5

1) Go to Chapter 10.

2) When your villain has very little time left, jump down the first pipe.

3) If successful, you are an infinite villain. This glitch ends if you jump into liquid sewage or tag the Skylander.

4) This glitch also works for the second pipe.

Running With A Hydro Arrow

Difficulty Rating 2/5

1) Glitch requires Snap Shot with Hydro Arrow Upgrade.

2) Normally the Hydro Arrow Makes you run slow.

3) If you run while making the Hydro Arrow, you can run with it. Takes a few tries.

Dreamcatcher's Villain Quest Fail

Difficulty Rating 1/5

1) Do Dreamcatcher's Villain Quest with two players.

2) If done, both players will go to the Dream Portal before Dreamcatcher gets her reward. This means that Dreamcatcher can only finish her villain quest with only one player.

Through The Puzzle

Difficulty Rating 1/5

1) After completing any steam puzzle, switch to a villain.

2) You can now go through the puzzle.

3) If done at the one before Cross Crow, the camera will be at a strange angle.

4) Doing the one before that makes you stuck because the enemies won't appear

Go To The Library Secret Without A Mini

Difficulty Rating 1/5

1) Buzzer Beak is Required

2) Jump to the wooden plank.

3) Just when you are at the highest point of the jump, do the dive bomb.

4) If successful you can explore the library.

Krankcase Long Jump

Difficulty Rating 1/5

1) Requires Dr Krankcase

2) Press Attack One and Jump at the same time to preform a long jump.

3) This technique can be used to find out of bounds areas or shortcuts.

Monster Marsh Mansion

1) Go to the arena battle in Monster Marsh

2) Use the Krankcase Long Jump to jump onto a house.

Buzzer Bouncy Beak

1) Requires Buzzer Beak

2) If you press Attack Two just when you are on a bounce pad, you will get extra height.

3) This can also be used to preform glitches or shortcuts.

Boxed in Room

1) Requires Buzzer Beak

2) Go to Presephone's Tree.

3) Stand on the right side of the bounce pad.

4) Preform Buzzer Bouncy Beak

5) While in the air, move to the right.

6) If done, you will be in a strange room.

Stuck In Presephone's Tree

1) Preform steps 1-4 of Boxed in Room

2) While in air, move to right and land on the fence.

3) Move Forward until you reach the end.

4) Move left until you reach the end of the arch.

5) Move forward

6) While in air, move backward.

7) If successful, your Skylanders should be stuck in the wall.

Weird Camera Defense

1) Go to the Academy Defense Tower.

2) Preform Buzzer Bouncy Beak on the bounce pad furthest from you.

3) While in the air, move backward.

4) DO NOT go near that bounce pad.

5) The camera will face you at a different angle.

Chompy Mountain Coil Shortcut

1) Requires Dr Krankcase

2) When at Bruiser Cruiser's battle, Krankcase Long Jump into the water.

3) You just skipped a coil and a battle.

Telescope Tower Shortcut

1) After rebuilding the bridge, Krankcase Long Jump to the left (To the pump button on the left side of the bridge).

2) Encounter Dreamcatcher

3) After defeating enemies, get to the pump button (The one that pumps the blocks).

4) DO NOT hit the button, INSTEAD talk to Headwick.

5) Go to the vent.

6) Pump the blocks.

7) Move the blocks in aligment.

8) You just skipped 8 jack-in-the-boxes. (I think)...

Floating Snails?

1) Go to Rainfish Riveria.

2) Push the snails.

3) Pick up the rain fish.

4) Go to the snails.

5) They should be floating.

Through The Ceiling

1) Buzzer Beak Required

2) Go to Dredger's Yacht in Rainfish Riveria.

3) Go to the small cabin.

4) Use Buzzer Beak and dive bomb.

5) Just about when he is about to fall, switch to Skylander.

6) If done correctly, you should have went through the floor.

Weird Camera

1) Dr. Krankcase Requires

2) At Telescope Towers, go to the area required to play Skystones Smash.

3) Krankcase Long Jump twords the area where the super bounce pads were.

4) The camera should glitch.

Trap Masker Mind in A Water Trap

1) Play Rainfish Riveria

2) Activate the Masker Mind Battle, but do not attack him.

3) Activate the Brawl and Chain Battle.

4) When Brawl and Chain jumps into Dredger's Yacht, do the "Through The Ceiling" glitch.

5) Go back to the Masker Mind Battle.

6) Defeat and trap him.

7) You can see Masker Mind's Capture Sequence with a water trap.

Skip Great Hawkmongus

1) Go to Skyhighlands.

2) When encountering Great Hawkmongus (first time only), say no to Skystones.

3) Stand on the second step.

4) Jump to the fence of the first step.

5) You should be floating in air.

6) Walk down the fence and jump over Great Hawkmongus.

Game Freezing

1) In the Wii version the game will freeze if you do not finish in 15 minutes.

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