I've been a fan of the Skylanders franchise since the beginning. I got Spyro's Adventure from the store when I saw it had Spyro the Dragon in the starter pack(I am a fan of Spyro the Dragon series). After that I was immediately hooked. I bought all the games since then with the exception of SuperChargers(I thought the concept was not great).

Current Skylanders Wiki objectives

  • My only current objective is editing, and making sure, that all articles about Skylanders: Imaginators are up to date, exist, are polished, and have full information about them. If you would like to help my cause please do! I would appreciate it.

How you can Help

  • You can help my objective about keeping Skylanders: Imaginators up to date, and filled with information by editing them for grammar, writing information that you know of but isn't there, and by elaborating more on the articles if necessary.
    • Here are some tips for getting started on this: A lot of the Imaginators articles don't have all the categories they should, so adding categories is a great way to help this cause, A lot of pages about minor places like Sensei Elemental Realms, or places with side quests don't yet exist. Also a lot of articles about minor NPCs don't yet exist either. A lot of articles about enemies don't have all the information they could, and on some Imaginators they're updated information that needs to be put in, and linking errors.

Final Message About Objective

I would appreciate it a lot if you help me make articles about Skylanders: Imaginators easier to read, and become more useful for readers looking for information. If you have any questions about this objective ask me, and if you want to make a more formal group to do this(like on the Wookipedia how they groups like The Clone Wars with signup and info pages, or we can just write blog posts about our progress, and keep in touch on each other's talk page) please ask me!

My Favorites and Least Favorites in the Skylanders Series

Before I star my lists you need to know I own almost all the Skylander in the SWAP Force, but barely any Giants from Skylanders: Giants.

Top Ten Favorite Skylanders(Spyro's Adventure

1. Ghost Roaster

2. Spyro

3. Chop Chop

4. Gill Grunt

5. Slam Bam

6. Double Trouble

7. Eruptor

8. Drobot

9. Dino-Rang

10.Trigger Happy

List of Favorite to Worst Favorite Giants

1. Swarm

2. Eye-Brawl

3. Bouncer

4. Thumpback

5. Crusher

6. Hot Head

7. Ninjini

8. Tree Rex

Top Ten Swappable Skylanders

1. Grilla Drilla

2. Rubble Rouser

3. Night Shift

4. Wash Buckler

5. Free Ranger

6. Magna Charge

7. Fire Kraken

8. Boom Jet

9. Trap Shadow 10.

List of Favorite Trap Team Skyalnders






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