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I'm Clubchloe1, but you may call me Chloe. I have an expertise knowledge of templates, so I'm able to contribute to the templates & the articles too, since I am a Skylanders freak. Because I know a lot about templates, I also know alot about HTML too since some templates it essential to use (e.g. colored text). If you have a question about templates, wikicode, or anything else, feel free to bug me on my talk page.

Skylanders stuff

Main article: w:c:okami:User:Clubchloe1/More about me#My Skylanders information

Favorite Skylanders

  • Magic: Spyro—It wouldn't be a Spyro game without him!
  • Air: Jet-Vac—When I first saw the Giants Skylanders (very early in the development) Jet-Vac was the Skylander I was anticipating to most to use. Yeah, Pop Fizz is cool, and Flashwing is cool too, but none other Skylander stood out to me than Jet-Vac. When some of my more powerful Skylanders died (such as Flashwing or Drobot), Jet-Vac was always there to kick some butt.
  • Water: Zap—He's really freakin AWESOME.
  • Earth: Flashwing—This was hard to choose from Bash or Flashwing, but with my taste it's Flashwing because she's beautiful & she can get stuff done. I also have a Jade Flashwing too.
  • Fire: Sunburn—I love Sunburn. He is my absolute favorite Skylander because he is a phoenix Dragon Skylander, and phoenixes & dragons are my favorite mythical creatures. It's like he was meant for me..
  • Life: Camo—I love him; hard to explain why, but he is just freakin AWESOME
  • Undead: Cynder—I love Cynder from the LoS series, and I just love the fact she's a playable character.
  • Tech: Drobot—How can it get any better than a dragon in robotic armor?!

Special Skylanders

I have some special Skylanders, most are store exclusives, but I wanna post them here anyways.

  • Molten Hot Dog—The only version of Hot Dog I have; I found him in Walmart when I was there for a different reason, but then I deiced to look at the Skylanders section and there he was: with a shelf full of him, I just had to get him because I have been looking for Hot Dog forever.
  • Red-translucent Drill Sergeant—Still in packaging; gonna sell it on ebay when I get the chance; if you want him, he is not for sale on the wiki, being given away or traded.
  • Jade Flashwing—I've recently got her; yet again, like my encounter with Molten Hot Dog at Walmart, there was tons of her at my local Target, but I went to Target just to get her.

Other wiki's I edit on

  • Okami Wiki—I'm a bureaucrat there; it's one of my favorite wiki's.
  • This wiki, of course.
  • Many, many others.

Where did you get your username from?

I got it when I was signing up for Club Penguin; the "Club" is from Club Penguin, "Chloe" is my real name, and the "1" is there for the heck of it. Now, the username has become pretty standard for me.

Games I play

  • Skylanders—You knew this already.
  • Pokemon—It's one of my favorite game series'.
  • Crash Bandicoot—It was the first video games I've ever played; I love the series.

Userpages I have

These are mostly templates, but I put these here for my own convince.

  • /Box - Userpage template (the one you are viewing now)
  • /Ads - Userpage template (ads on top of the page)
  • /Talk - Talk page template (so I don't have to archive it sooner)
  • /roundy - Rounded corner template (makes rounded corner edges on templates; hopefully it will have use on other pages besides my userpages)

General questions users may ask me

How do I even out the videos on articles like how you did?

Put {{clr}} after all the videos to even them out with the sections below it.

Can I use your userpage template?

Of course! It's fully customizable too! It's located at User:Clubchloe1/Box.

What game console do you play Skylanders on?

Wii (not the Wii U). I don't play it on any other console than that.

When do you get the newest Skylanders game?

Always Christmas. Because I never have the money to get it sooner, it's always Christmas. This means I have a delay when adding information to articles when it comes to the newest game.

What kinds of Skylanders do you get?

Only ones I like. I don't buy Skylanders for research purposes; maybe once in awhile but I only get like $10 a week: enough to buy a Skylander.

What Skylanders games have you played?

All of them—even the mobile ones.

How do I make tabs?

Use this example code then modify it:

Resolute =
Ordinary =

which that will come out as:



How many Skylanders do you have?

30+. I don't wanna count how many I have, but the webgame does say I have over 30.

Wow! You have over 30 Skylanders?! How do you keep up with them?

It's a struggle as I have very little space in my room to put them in. I have that carrying case that holds 32 Skylanders, though I tend to put only my Skylanders I like in it, but I do have a box with the other Skylanders I own that I really don't like. This carrying case is essential for my Skylanders as in a couple of weeks I am going to California and I am gonna bring my Wii and my Portal of Power to play Skylanders and show my grandpa the game.

Do you have any exclusive Skylanders I can have?

No trades. No free giveaways. You must buy one from me, but most of them I'm not willing to part with, such as my Molten Hot Dog or my Jade Flashwing. I do, however, have a Skylander from 2 years ago that's a Walmart exclusive; it's the translucent Red Drill Sergeant. I'm gonna sell it on ebay when I get the chance.

Can I see your Skylanders collection?

I don't feel like posting them here, so thus, it's not on here. But I can tell you my Skylanders collection on the webgame; I have every one of my Skylanders on there registered; my Portal Master name is: Jade Darkdragon. (Note: I don't play the game often, so please do not ask me on here to meet up with me on the webgame; it's just too glitchy to be even enjoyable anymore.)

What do you mean by "the webgame is too glitchy to even be enjoyable anymore"?

Since a major update that did increase the loading speed a lot, many many many glitches were made in the process, including that glitch where 3-quarters of the time when you break a bashable object it doesn't even reward you. Ugh...there's so many bad glitches that it's simply not enjoyable anymore.

How do I get Scarlet Ninjini?

From what I've heard, Scarlet Ninjini is in Europe/Germany. I haven't gotten a confirmation that she will be in stores in the USA.

How do I get Polar Whirlwind?

From what I've heard, Polar Whirlwind is in Norway right now. I haven't gotten a confirmation that she will be in stores in the USA.

These are all that came to mind; I will add more later.

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