aka Adam Woytila

  • I live in North Tonawanda, NY
  • I was born on May 7
  • I am Male

Hello, fellow Portal Masters! Average fan of Skylanders here with like, almost every character. Almost. And lookie here, I've made my own little portal to the different Skylanders! So that's cool I guess...

Portal of Playable Characters

LightSymbolSkylanders AirSymbolSkylanders EarthSymbolSkylanders FireSymbolSkylanders LifeSymbolSkylanders MagicSymbolSkylanders TechSymbolSkylanders UndeadSymbolSkylanders WaterSymbolSkylanders DarkSymbolSkylanders
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
Whirlwind Icon Terrafin Icon Eruptor Icon Stealth Elf Icon Spyro Icon Trigger Happy Icon Chop Chop Icon Gill Grunt Icon
Sonic Boom Icon Dino-Rang Icon Ignitor Icon Zook Icon Voodood Icon Boomer Icon Cynder Icon Slam Bam Icon
Lightning Rod Icon Prism Break Icon Sunburn Icon Camo Icon Double Trouble Icon Drobot Icon Hex Icon Zap Icon
Warnado Icon Bash Icon Flameslinger Icon Stump Smash Icon Wrecking Ball Icon Drill Sergeant Icon Ghost Roaster Icon Wham-Shell Icon
Skylanders: Giants
Swarm Icon Crusher Icon Hot Head Icon Tree Rex Icon Ninjini Icon Bouncer Icon Eye-Brawl Icon Thumpback Icon
Jet-Vac Icon Flashwing Icon Hot Dog Icon Shroomboom Icon Pop Fizz Icon Sprocket Icon Fright Rider Icon Chill Icon
Skylanders: Swap Force
Free Ranger Icon Rubble Rouser Icon Blast Zone Icon Stink Bomb Icon Hoot Loop Icon Magna Charge Icon Rattle Shake Icon Wash Buckler Icon
Boom Jet Icon Doom Stone Icon Fire Kraken Icon Grilla Drilla Icon Trap Shadow Icon Spy Rise Icon Night Shift Icon Freeze Blade Icon
Pop Thorn Icon Slobber Tooth Icon Smolderdash Icon Bumble Blast Icon Star Strike Icon Countdown Icon Roller Brawl Icon Rip Tide Icon
Scratch Icon Scorp Icon Fryno Icon Zoo Lou Icon Dune Bug Icon Wind-Up Icon Grim Creeper Icon Punk Shock Icon
Skylanders: Trap Team
Knight Light Icon Gusto Icon Wallop Icon Wildfire Icon Bushwhack Icon Blastermind Icon Jawbreaker Icon Krypt King Icon Snap Shot Icon Knight Mare Icon
Spotlight Icon Thunderbolt Icon Head Rush Icon Ka-Boom Icon Tuff Luck Icon Enigma Icon Gearshift Icon Short Cut Icon Lob-Star Icon Blackout Icon
Blades Icon Fist Bump Icon Torch Icon Food Fight Icon Déjà Vu Icon Chopper Icon Funny Bone Icon Echo Icon
Fling Kong Icon Rocky Roll Icon Trail Blazer Icon High Five Icon Cobra Cadabra Icon Tread Head Icon Bat Spin Icon Flip Wreck Icon
Breeze Icon Terrabite Icon Weeruptor Icon Whisper Elf Icon Spry Icon Trigger Snappy Icon Hijinx Icon Gill Runt Icon
Pet-Vac Icon Bop Icon Small Fry Icon Barkley Icon Mini-Jini Icon Drobit Icon Eye-Small Icon Thumpling Icon
Skylanders: SuperChargers
Astroblast Icon Stormblade Icon Smash Hit Icon Spitfire Icon Thrillipede Icon Splat Icon High Volt Icon Fiesta Icon Dive-Clops Icon Nightfall Icon
Hurricane Jet-Vac Icon Shark Shooter Terrafin Icon Lava Lance Eruptor Icon Super Shot Stealth Elf Icon Big Bubble Pop Fizz Icon Double Dare Trigger Happy Icon Bone Bash Roller Brawl Icon Deep Dive Gill Grunt Icon
Hammer Slam Bowser Icon Turbo Charge Donkey Kong Icon
Skylanders: Imaginators
Aurora Icon Air Strike Icon Barbella Icon Ember Icon Ambush Icon Mysticat Icon Ro-Bow Icon Chopscotch Icon King Pen Icon Starcast Icon
Blaster-Tron Icon Wild Storm Icon Tri-Tip Icon Flare Wolf Icon Boom Bloom Icon Buckshot Icon Chain Reaction Icon Pit Boss Icon Tidepool Icon Hood Sickle Icon
Bad Juju Icon Golden Queen Icon Tae Kwon Crow Icon Chompy Mage Icon Pain-Yatta Icon Dr. Krankcase Icon Wolfgang Icon Grave Clobber Icon
Crash Bandicoot Icon Kaos Icon Dr. Neo Cortex Icon
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