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Twisty Tunnels is the eighth chapter in Skylanders: Swap Force where the Skylanders must save the Ancient Terrasquid and avoid the attacks of the Trolls and a Fire Viper summoned by Kaos.


  • Get to the Ancient Terrasquid
  • Destroy the Evilizer Crystals

Elemental Gates

Areas to Find

  • Mythic Mesa
  • Perilous Plateau -
    • Element: Tech
    • High in the Sky
  • Crystal Crashing
  • Guardian Gangway
  • Sandy Cavern
  • Sandstone Secret
  • Arid Cave
  • Hazardous Highway
  • Energetic Evilizer
  • Underground Lake
    • Undead Uprising
  • Serene Walkway
    • Element: Fire
  • Floating Foray
  • Catalytic Crystal
    • Element: Magic

SWAP Zones

  • Sunken Sand Base
    • SWAP ability - Sneak
  • Warped Sands
    • SWAP ability - Spin
  • Parched Heights
    • SWAP ability - Bounce

New Enemies

Legendary Treasures

  • Moltenskin Scale
  • Crystal Fire Heart

Soul Gems


  • Four Winds Hat
  • Beacon Hat

Story Scroll

  • The Fire Vipers of Doom


  • Even though it looks like the Terrasquid's tentacles are wrapped around the rocky islands, when you see the Terrasquid, you don't see her arms around the islands.
  • On the Wii version of SWAP Force, after the first evilized crystal is broken the tentacles are still purple and do not move.
  • If Wash Shadow completed the SNEAK Zone, his sword is invisible. 
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