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“Avast, racers! As if things weren't dangerous enough with Frightbeard's fearsome crew here on the island, Mt. Stubbatoa is about to erupt! Better hot foot it across the finish line before your chances are blown!”

Tropic Plunder is a racing track seen both in Skylanders: SuperChargers and Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. In the former, it is unlocked by the Sea Trophy, while in the latter, it is the first Sea Track in the game. The Boss Pursuit opponent in this track is Captain Frightbeard. Like all other SuperChargers tracks, Tropic Plunder returns in the racing mode of Skylanders: Imaginators.

Event Challenges

These are the challenges the player will face in SuperChargers Racing.

  • The Glorious Tour
    • Race
    • Air Vehicle Gate
      • Stunt Mastery
  • The Spectacular Tour
    • Ghost Race
  • The Marvelous Tour
    • Danger Zone
  • The Nefarious Tour
    • Mirror Race

Version Differences

The following are the differences between the console version and the 3DS Racing version of the 2 tracks:

  • While the console version features a volcanic eruption which creates waves and hazards, this does not happen in the Racing counterpart.
  • On the console, going under the shipwreck before the cave leads to an alternate path. This path then jumps over the track and into an extra little cave. While it is still possible to dive under the same shipwreck in Racing, the extra cave is not present and you will simply come back down on the normal track.
  • After passing the volcano inside the mountain, on the console version there are several different paths the player can take. In Racing, you only have one path to take.
    • Also, while you come outside straightaway on the main console version, for Racing you stay inside the cave longer. There is also no second level drop point in Racing like there is on the console.
  • Before the final turn, there is a shortcut the player can take on the console version that cuts through a rock cliff. This is not present in Racing.


  • While this track can only be unlocked by using the Sea Trophy in SuperChargers, it appears as a regular track in SuperChargers Racing. The replacement in the Sea Racing Action Pack is the Risky Rapids.
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