The Troll Super Tank is the tank the Trolls invented by using the Eternal Tech Source. It is an unusually large tank complete with: a carbine on the front and back, missile launcher, and a turret.

To defeat the Troll Super Tank you must get on high grounds, and use the bombs they provide for you... However the bombs are guarded by: Blaster Trolls, Troll Greasemonkeys, Trollverines, etc. There is a wall complete with Turrets guarding the Troll Super Tank. All you need to do is roll the mega bomb down the hill to hit the wall. However as soon as the Skylander blows up the wall, the Troll Super Tank is operational.


  • The Troll Super Tank was originally going to be a transforming giant spider tank, but was reduced to a large tank due to time constraints.[1]


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