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The Troll King is a masked Troll boss in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, also known as the Warden of Another Dimension. For unknown reasons, he stalks the Wailing Labyrinth in the Distorted Dimensions, attacking all those who enter it with Cyclops minions and a different element in every floor. Like other Distorted Dimension bosses, he's also protected by Watcher Stones.

While the Ruins Guardians focus on powerful skills and retaliate against attacks, the Troll King is more meticulous and focuses on debuffs, gaining power the more an enemy has them.

In the 2.0 reboot, the Troll King is found is in the Awakening Dimension Investigation area where his attempting to use the Awakening Stones to destroy the Skylands' dimension.



  • Enigma mentions that the King is a familiar face, implying that they come from the same realm.
  • The Troll King is tall and lanky like Glumshanks and, by extension, Troll Illusionists.
  • The Troll King's mechanical right arm looks similar to the Battle Smasher, the prosthetic arm and main weapon of Z, the main antagonist of the 2012 anime film One Piece Film: Z.
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