Troll Home Security is the eighth Chapter in Skylanders: Giants. The Skylanders go to the Troll Home Security Castle to destroy the Shield Gun (also called the Generator) that is generating a shield around Kaos' Kastle.


  • Trigger the Explosives
  • Take Out the Big Cannons
  • Destroy the Shield Gun

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • Crumbling Edge
  • Circle Run House
    • Element: Life
  • Coal Stack
    • Element: Life
  • Shell Shock Bastion
  • Failing Fields
  • Anchored Island
    • Element: Earth
  • Puzzling Cavern
    • Element:
  • Cheese Cavern
    • Element:
  • Tilting Tower
  • The Battlements
  • Chaotic Courtyard
    • Element:

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Fire Sail Paint Job

Soul Gem


  • Sombrero
  • Pants Hat

Story Scroll

  • Those Wacky Arkeyans


  • Troll Home Security is meant to be kept secret, so the Generator emits an invisible, silent beam that can't be touched, or tasted.[1]
  • In The Battlements, Flynn and Cali will not follow the Skylander until the first two big cannons are destroyed. If the player attempts to advance without them, they will remind the player that they must destroy the cannons first.
  • The majority of The Battlements can be skipped by using Bouncer's guided missiles. By aiming missiles at the final breakable wall and destroying it, a cutscene is triggered that places the player there as if they had destroyed it with a Bomb as usual. Flynn and Cali also appear as usual.[2]
    • If the player performs this trick while leaving Flynn and Cali behind as stated above, the player can backtrack and destroy the cannons to let Flynn and Cali through. This results in a strange case where two instances of Flynn can be seen at once: Flynn from before the cannons, and Flynn after destroying the final wall.


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