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“Like, what's he talking about?”
    —Trigger Happy, Pop Rocks

Trigger Happy is a first-year cadet in the Skylanders Academy television series.



Trigger Happy appears to have taken after Food Fight's hipster attitude, joining him in the concert simply to mock and criticize the bands in Pop Rocks.


Season 1

Trigger Happy first appeared in Skylanders Unite!, waiting for class with other first-years at the courtyard.

In Anger Mismanagement, he was part of Ka-Boom's team in the Chilli Chomp Competition.

In Pop Rocks, Trigger Happy and Food Fight attended the Skylands Music Festival solely to criticize the bands, and invited Glumshanks to go with them because of his disguise. Despite his nonsensical poems while trying to play a hipster character, the two took his behavior as profound.

In Assault on Skylander Academy, Trigger Happy defended the Academy with other cadets and Skylanders from the Doom Raiders, but when an empowered Kaos ambushed the group, they were defeated and incapacitated by Wolfgang.

Season 2


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  • Though Trigger Happy has his tongue out constantly in most episodes, he does not display this quirk in Pop Rocks.


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