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“Face the Mace!”
    —Tri-Tip's official catchphrase

Tri-Tip is an Earth-elemental Triceratops who is one of the Smasher Senseis in Skylanders: Imaginators.



Long before he became a Sensei, Tri-Tip wandered Skylands searching for the mythical Warping Walnut Tree, rumored to never be at the same place long before moving to a new location. After many years, he found the tree - and just before it vanished once again, he took from it a Golden Walnut, which was said to reveal life’s purpose to those who could open it. But to his dismay, the enchanted walnut could not be cracked no matter how hard he struck it with his thick head. Realizing that only a weapon of immense power could crack the magical shell, and not his head, Tri-Tip forged a mighty mace and trained with the greatest warriors to become the ultimate Master of Smashing. But on the day when he was finally ready to open the shell, he paused. It was then that Tri-Tip realized his true purpose – one that the unopened walnut had been teaching him all along. His purpose in life was to use his skills to protect Skylands. He then gifted the unopened walnut to one of his students and left to join the Skylanders.



These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in the Skylanders games.

  • Health: ??? (max. 0)
  • Speed: ?? (max. 48)
  • Armor: ?? (max. 30)
  • Critical Hit: ?? (max. 50)
  • Elemental Power: ?? (max. 50)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 300
  • Defense: 350
  • Agility: 70
  • Luck: 130


Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Sky-Chi Ability
Requires unlocking from the
Smasher Sensei Shrine
Mace Smash Dino Dash
Never Saw It Coming
Mesozoic Mayhem
Primary Ability
Press Attack 1 to smash the ground with your mace!
Secondary Ability
Press Attack 2 to charge with your horns, pushing enemies with you.
Price: 4000
Occasionally, a powerful asteroid falls from the sky and creates a devastating explosion.
View Sky-Chi
The ultimate Sensei attack! Hold Special Attack to perform your Sky-Chi Power! Spin for the win!
View Soul Gem
Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.
Rock Blast Summon Fossil Traps Posey Power Swing What Goes Up
Price: 500
Mace Smash launches rocks forward.
Price: 700
Press Attack 3 to trap enemies in fossils.
Price: 900
Hold Attack 1 for a powerful baseball swing.
Price: 1200
Press Attack 2 in the air for a powerful jump attack that launches enemies way up.
Peleolithic Pounder
View Jurassic Justice
Improve your smashing skills to master the mace!
Mightier Mace Fault Zone Jurassic Whirled
Price: 1700
Do more damage with your Mace Smashes with an improved weapon!
Price: 2200
Mace Smash attacks leave a dangerous lingering quake zone.
Price: 3000
The last hit of your Attack 1 triple-combo creates an exploding dust storm vortex!
Jurassic Justice
View Peleolithic Pounder
Strengthen your charge and fossil skills for strategic control!
Historic Preservation Fossil Forte Matador Might
Price: 1700
You get new horns! And after doing a Dino Dash, you gain a shield and take less damage.
Price: 2200
You summon Fossil Traps faster, and you deal critical hits to enemies tarred by them!
Price: 3000
Dino Dash into a Fossil Trap to create a massive explosion.


Iron Mace Strike (Active)

[1 Enemy]
Inflicts 106% of ATK as damage to 1 enemy, and grants the Evasion Rate DOWN 40% Effect for 2 turn(s) with a 35% chance when you attack accurately.

Mana cost: 3
Cooldown: 3 seconds


Forestallment (Active)

[1 Eenemy]
Inflicts 97% of ATK as damage to 1 enemy, and grants the Diminish Effect for 3 turn(s) with a 75% chance when you attack accurately. Additionally, grants the DEF UP 10% Effect on yourself for 5 turn(s).

Mana cost: 3
Cooldown: 4 seconds


Swing Attack (Active)

Inflicts 95% of DEF as damage to 1 enemy, and grants the Provoke Effect on yourself for 3 turn(s).

Mana cost: 4
Cooldown: 3 seconds


Strong Head Bone (Passive)

Grants the ATK UP 10% Effect and the DEF UP 10% Effect on yourself for 1 turn(s) if you have the Provoke Effect when the turn begins.

Mana cost:


Golden Chestnut's Revelation (Passive (Leader))

Increases your DEF by 10% in battle.
Leader Effect
Increases the team member's DEF by 10% in battle.

Mana cost:


Battle Cries

  • "Face the Mace!"
  • "You have chosen wisely, Portal Master! My club smashes all and can make your Imaginators more powerful!" - Sensei Training Bonus
  • "And no one smashes like a Smasher, especially with this secret technique." - Secret Technique Bonus
  • "My club knows all - and also smashes all."
  • "Welcome to Club Me!"
  • "Deep inside, they all wanted to be smashed!"
  • "I am powerful!" - leveling up
  • "More levels equal more smashing!" - leveling up
  • "Dino Might! And yes, I stole that one from Chopper."
  • "Ahh, a perfect balance between fury and rage."
  • "A smashing success!"
  • "I love that move!"
  • "You can put your faith in numbers, mine is in the club." - checking stats
  • "A club's gotta do what a club's gotta do! - Sky-Chi
  • "Sensei-tional!
  • "I love when that happens!" - End of Sky-Chi

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  • He is the only male Sensei of the Earth element.
  • He is the fourth dinosaur Skylander (behind Dino-Rang, Slobber Tooth and Chopper).
    • Tri-Tip mentioned Chopper after admitting that he "stole" the latter's catchphrase.
  • He and Bash have triceratops related traits.
  • His name is a play on Tri-tip, which is a cut of beef.
  • Tri-Tip somewhat resembles a Triceraton from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • His Posey Power Swing attack is a reference to baseball star Buster Posey.
  • One of his upgrades, Jurassic Whirled, is a play on the title of the movie Jurassic World.
  • His catchphrase is similar to Wham-Shell's.
  • His defeated animation is similar to Pop Fizz's, both hitting their weapon of choice against their forehead.


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