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“Well, you can bet the Skylanders aren't gonna let anything happen to that pretty tree lady.”

The Ancient Tree Spirit is a large, plant-like creature that resides in Fantasm Forest, serving as its protector. She is one of the four Ancient Elementals in the Cloudbreak Islands.


Despite her brief time on-screen, the Tree Spirit appeared quite delicate and motherly in nature. She and the Frosthound show the most fear of all the Elementals in the face of Kaos and his minions.


During the events of Skylanders: Swap Force, she and the local settlements of Fantasm Forest were attacked by Trolls under the order of Kaos. Wielding evilized fire, they had planned to burn the forest to the ground; in the process, evilizing the Ancient as to fulfill Kaos' plan to spread darkness throughout the Skylands. Luckily, the Tree Spirit was eventually rescued, and returned to Woodburrow in time to begin the ritual of spreading magic throughout Skylands with her fellow Elementals.


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