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Not to be confused with Currency from Skylanders: Ring of Heroes.

Treasures, sometimes simply called gold, are items in the Skylanders series that are used to buy upgrades for Skylanders from Persephone or the Power Pods, or assorted items from stores or Auric.

Types of Treasure

They come in various forms but have the same purpose. Larger treasures are often more valuable than smaller ones, with the most valuable being the Legendary Treasures.


Coins in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure(PS3).

Small coins are found in breakable objects such as crates and vases, as well as treasure chests, and are frequently used to mark a path in the hub worlds. They're worth a small amount of gold.

Minor Treasures

Minor Treasures in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure(PS3)

Minor treasures are objects such as gems, gold bars, goblets, coin piles and/or jewelry. They are found in breakable objects such as crates and vases, as well as treasure chests. Their appearance varies with the chapter (for example, Troll treasures are technical things like gears and lamps, where Cyclops treasures can be things like adorned eyeballs). Minor treasures vary greatly in gold value, up to a thousand. In Skylanders: SuperChargers, higher value gems switch places with Wish Stones randomly.

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests

Each chapter usually contains 4 treasure chests, which count towards the completion goal of the chapter. When opened, they drop a random amount of minor treasures, with a value ranging from 150 to 250 gold. In 3DS versions, they drop Radiance or a large piece of treasure that doubles the value of others temporarily.

Legendary Treasures

Each chapter, besides chapter 1, contains one Legendary Treasure which has a unique look and counts towards the completion goal of the chapter. Their value ranges from about 250 golds in early levels to over 1000 in later levels. If two Skylanders are present, both will receive the gold. In some games, they also serve as decoration for the hub world, or stat boosts for all Skylanders when activated.

Hidden Treasure

When the Hidden Treasure toy figure is placed on the Portal of Power, the Skylander can find an invisible chest that functions the same way as a regular treasure chest.

Treasures in other versions of the game


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