Treasure Chests

'Treasure Chests are chests that contain treasure and are scattered or hidden throughout the levels in the Skylanders series. Each chapter holds around four treasure chests.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, they give out random prizes (similarly to the piñatas or the Wishing Well) and have vehicle counterparts known as Red Toolboxes that give out mods. In Skylanders: Imaginators, they have purple counterparts known as Imaginite Chests that give parts for character creation.


Spyro's Adventure

Chapter 1: Shattered Islands

  1. Go near the fountain in Market Curve.
  2. Use a Water Skylander or any other Skylanders that can cross over water to cross the puddle on the west side of Chompy Pit.
  3. Go near the key in Ancient Landmark.

Chapter 2: Perilous Pastures

  1. Unlock Tech Gate to Bleating Highlands and move from the lowest to the higher layers by using bounce pads.
  2. Go near a turtle on the edge in Fairy Ring.
  3. Unlock a Water Gate to Ancient Stones and step on the teleporter on the ground.

Chapter 3: Sky Schooner Docks

  1. Unlock Undead Gate to Propeller Farm and go to a locked gate.
  2. Go behind the tower near Air Spell Punk in Fortress Tower.
  3. Unlock Earth Gate to Kaw's Islands and drop from the island with a teleporter.

Chapter 4: Stormy Stronghold

  1. Unlock Life Gate to the Approach and teleport to Upper Reach to move blocks for making a path.
  2. Unlock Air Gate to Sky Ramparts.
  3. Go near the last lightning pylon and a teleporter in The Battlement.

Chapter 5: Oilspill Island

  1. Use bounce pads in Access Platform Beta to leap over a fence.
  2. Go near the way to Sludge Marsh in Drill Platform Delta.
  3. Go near a Tech Spell Punk in Drill Platform Delta after saving the Gillmen.

Chapter 6: Dark Water Cove

  1. Go to the shore near the first meeting Squidface Brute in the East Gate.
  2. Use bounce pads in the Elvenship to reach the teleporter in the West Gate.
  3. Unlock Water Gate to Watery Graves and use the bounce pad near a cliff to go up.

Chapter 7: Leviathan Lagoon

  1. Unlock Water Gate to Plank Walk and go to the other side.
  2. Find and use the hidden teleporter near a statue in Shark’s Tooth Island.
  3. Go behind the turrets where Gurglefin is standing in Shark Tooth's Island.

Chapter 8: Crystal Eye Castle

  1. Unlock Earth Gate to Puzzle Pit and hit the eye on the east to open the gate in the west.
  2. Go to the corner of the Inner Courtyard.
  3. Go down the broken bridge in the Inner Courtyard and enter the Outer Courtyard to find the area where Crunchers are lurking.

Chapter 9: Stonetown

  1. Follow the shore and go around the Old Cyclops Fort right after entering Blue Water Swamp.
  2. Use a Water Skylander or any other Skylander that can across the water to reach an island with a teleporter and break a little pirate shelter nearby.
  3. Unlock Life Gate to Wayward Town and found a bounce pad.

Chapter 10: Treetop Terrace

  1. Head Southeast of the Sluice Gate.
  2. Go right of a Monster Gate in the Sluice Gate.
  3. Find the area in the Ancient Trunk where only three Drow Spearmen appear and attack.

Chapter 11: Falling Forest

  1. Use the bounce pad on the right among the two near spinning sawblades in Owl's Roost.
  2. Unlock Earth Gate to The Acorn Stash, use the teleporter inside the lock puzzle, and fall from the teleported area.
  3. Use a bounce pad in Pinecone's Landing and go to the grassy area.

Chapter 12: Troll Warehouse

  1. Unlock the Life Gate to Isolation Cells and go to northeast straight by using the keys.
  2. Enter Access Catwalks and head to the corner at the southeast.
  3. Go west of the Minefield while avoiding the mines.

Chapter 13: Goo Factory

  1. Use a bomb to destroy the barbed-wire fence in the Western Trenches.
  2. Go around the fence holding mega bombs in the Ammo Dump.
  3. Unlock Fire Gate to Twenty Stone Defense and move the blocks away to reach a teleporter in the middle.

Chapter 14: Battlefield

  1. Go to the southwest corner of Defensive Perimeter.
  2. Unlock Undead Gate to No Man's Land and roll a mega bomb to a destructible wall on the north.
  3. Use a bomb to reveal a bounce pad hidden under a tank in Tech Base Theta to reach higher ground on the west side.

Chapter 15: Crawling Catacombs

  1. Use a bomb near Gargantula in Pit of Webs and destroy a destructible wall on the north.
  2. Use a bomb near Gargantula in Pits of Webs and destroy a destructible wall behind a locked door.
  3. Find a bomb in the Skittering Dark to destroy a destructible wall.

Chapter 16: Cadaverous Crypt

  1. Destroy a wall of bricks right after entering the Catacombs.
  2. Unlock Earth Gate to the Dark Retreat and complete the challenge by escaping the maze.
  3. Push the cannon on the crossed railroad to the left and break a wall.

Chapter 17: Creepy Citadel

  1. Unlock Air Gate to Tomb of Stones.
  2. Use a Water Skylander or other Skylanders that can across the water to reach a teleporter on the south of the Main Gate.
  3. Go to the entrance to the hallway with axes in the Gallery.

Chapter 18: Molekin Mine

  1. Dig through the rocks with a pickax and find a bounce pad in the Underground Lake.
  2. Use a Water Skylander or other Skylanders that can across the water to reach a rock on the southwest of a lake and dig through it with a pickax.
  3. Use a bomb to destroy Tzo Crystals that is blocking the way to the higher layer in the Crystal Grove after saving the Molekin miners.

Chapter 19: Lava Lakes Railway

  1. Head to the southwest in the Molekin Mines as the train stops in front of a gate.
  2. Go to the right of the lever that opens a gate.
  3. Arrange the blocks to make a path to the south of the railroads in the Crystal Grottos.

Chapter 20: Quicksilver Vault

  1. Solve a Lock Puzzle where Gnashers first appears in Skeleton Gate.
  2. After unlocking a gate with a key, solve a Lock Puzzle in the west in Skeleton Gate.
  3. Go near the key after using a teleporter beside the Weapon Master.

Chapter 21: Arkeyan Armory

  1. In the area of three gates in Unyielding Garrison, go left without touching the panel to switch the gates.
  2. Go to the lowest level of the Vault and enter the Crucible area where several Control Towers and Defense Drones are positioned.
  3. Unlock Air Gate to Pandoran Gift Shop and ride a panel that leads to the south.

Chapter 22: Lair of Kaos

  1. Unlock Magic Gate to Alternate Ends and reach the very end.
  2. Go left from the gate where the Lava Kings are guarding in Path of Fangs.
  3. In the Towers of the Darkness, use a platform on the right to fly to Forlorn Islands.

Chapter 23: Empire of Ice

  1. Enter Maze of Obelisks and head to southwest corner.
  2. Follow the outside corner of the fortress in Ice Crater Lake.
  3. Go along the path to the last piece of the catapult in The Winter Wall.

Chapter 24: Pirate Seas

  1. Go to the north of Shipwright's Square where Life Gate is located.
  2. Use a bounce pad in Fountain Square.
  3. Coconut Islands. After winning the card game with Doggerts, use a Water Skylander or other Skylanders that can across water and pass under the bridge.

Chapter 25: Darklight Crypt

  1. Go to the highest layer of Haunted Courtyard and switched back to the Real World.
  2. While in the Ghost World, solve a Lock Puzzle inside of the houses in the Haunted Village and switch back to the Real World.
  3. Go to the west from the locked gate in Hedge Mage.

Chapter 26: Dragon's Peak

  1. Use a bounce pad near Boom Fiends in Dragon Cliffs.
  2. After landing on Path of Challenges, go to the right.
  3. After defeating enemies in Elder Dragon Throne, use a bounce pad to move to the higher ground on the right side.



  • Giants can open treasure chests faster than Core Skylanders in Giants.
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